Friday, June 10, 2016

Scouting the 2016 Draft: Round 3 #95 Heath Quinn

Round 3 #95:  Heath Quinn, OF, Samford.  DOB:  6/7/1995.  6'3", 220 lbs, B-R, T-R.

2014:  .319/.398/.533, 20 2B, 9 HR, 29 BB, 62 K's, 229 AB.
2015:  .340/418/.580, 11 2B, 14 HR, 21 BB, 44 K's, 238 AB.
2016:  .343/.452/.682, 17 2B, 21 HR, 44 BB, 55 K, 242 AB.
2015 CCL:  .317/.384/.486, 8 2B, 2 3B, 4 HR, 11 BB, 34 K, 142 AB.

The Giants love to take their college power hitters in rounds 3-5 and they stayed true to that.  Quinn is a big kid in the mold of Mac Willamson.  Profiles as a power hitting corner OF.  Started and showed his power from Day 1 of his college career and just kept getting better.  Hit very well in the Cape Cod League, something the Giants have always valued.  BA had him ranked as he #48 Draft Prospect and he was one of several prospects I profiled in my earlier draft preview as a possible Round 2 Pick.  Again, the Giants get great value here getting Supplemental First Round value all the way down in Round 3.


  1. I have been too busy to post, and also too busy to stop by here or minor league ball, if I was running the mock draft this year I would have taken Quinn in the 2nd, and definitely in the 3rd. I really like how he swings, you really can't argue with that stat line, particularly the BB/K ratio this current year (big improvement), which you and I have been paying attention to for a long time now. Power and plate discipline? Sounds good to me.

    1. Well, glad you could find time to stop by. Yeah, I would have been happy with Quinn in the second round. Giants got a first rounder who fell for no apparent reason then got Quinn in the 3'rd round anyway.