Friday, June 10, 2016

Scouting the 2016 Draft: Day 2 Preview

I think we can already call the Giants 2016 draft a success with first rounder Jeff Samardzija and second rounder Bryan Reynolds already on board.  What's great about this draft from the Giants perspective is the depth of this draft.  There is a ton of talent available all the way down to around 300 in the rankings.  The Giants take rounds 3-10 very seriously and have made some great picks in those ranges, including Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt in past drafts.  I'll share an exercise I did last night looking at who might be available when the Giants pick next in the 3'rd round, #95 overall.

I started with the assumption that given the Giants bonus pool constraints, they will take a college player.  Yes, they could surprise and take a HS player, but if they do, expect it to be a signability pick, not some highly ranked kid who fell because of other teams signability concerns.  Then, I looked at BA's top 500 draft prospect list and listed the undrafted college players by ranking.  Next pick in the draft is #78 overall which means the Giants are picking #18 today.  My question was, are there more than 18 college prospects ranked higher than #95 left in the draft?  Here's what I found:

1.  #47  Austin Hays, OF, Jacksonville.
2.  #48  Heath Quinn, OF, Connecticut.
3.  #51  Jon Duplantier, RHP, Rice.
4.  #57  Corbin Burnes, RHP, St Mary's
5.  #63  Sean Murphy, C, Wright St.
6.  #64  Jameson Fisher, OF, Samford.
7.  #71  Braden Webb, RHP, South Carolina
8.  #77  Mike Shawaryn, RHP, Maryland.
9.  #79  Bryson Brigman, SS, San Diego.
10. #85 Kyle Funkhouser, RHP, Louisville.
11. #87 Matt Krook, LHP, Oregon.
12. #88 Nick Banks, OF, Texas A&M.
13. #89  Kyle Cody, RHP, Kentucky.
14. #95  Jake Rogers, C, Tulane.
15. #97  Zac Gallen, RHP, North Carolina.
16. #98  Zack Jackson, RHP, Arkansas.
17. #99, Luis Curbelo, SS, PR.
18. #104 Chad Hockin, RHP, CS Fullerton.

So there you go!  One of those players is guaranteed to be on the board when the Giants pick at #95.  I would be happy with Chad Hockin, a big, hard throwing college reliever at that spot.

Other names I would be happy to see the Giants draft in rounds 4-10 include:

Garrett Hampson, SS, Long Beach St.
Shane Bieber, RHP, UCSB.
Vince Fernandez, OF, UC Riverside.
Kel Johnson, OF, Georgia Tech.
JD Busfield, RHP, Loyola Marymount.
Gio Brusa, OF, Pacific.
Kep Brown, OF, JC
Daniel Johnson, OF, New Mexico St.
Manny Jefferson, SS, Pepperdine.
Andrew Calica, OF, UCSB.

Happy Drafting, everybody!


  1. Thanks for the list of players to keep an eye out for! Based on the #48 ranking, looks like the Giants got another great pick with Heath Quinn!

  2. sorry to go ot but, tomlinson to the dl, pena up and romo sent to 60 day

    not good...not good at all


    1. The injury bug it biting and biting hard.