Saturday, June 11, 2016

Scouting the 2016 Draft: Day 3 Preview

Day 3 of the MLB draft will complete rounds 11-40.  I don't pretend to know of any hot prospects ranked past the top 300, so I have no idea who the Giants might pick.  Most of my white whales are off the board except my man, Pepperdine SS Manny Jefferson.  He might be planning to stay in school another year?  At least the Giants got one of my guys, Gio Brusa, in the 6'th round.

Expect the Giants to load up on a bunch of hard throwing pitchers none of us have heard of before from places we haven't heard of either as well as a smattering of position players to fill roster spots in the lower minors.

Once again, happy drafting, everybody!


  1. I'd love to see the Giants take Chris Matthewson out of LBS.

    1. It's a great name, that's for sure. I think he's a draft eligible soph, so he could be a tough sign.

  2. Doc, thanks again for your efforts. I didn't have a chance to read ahead this year and so rely on your comments even more than usual. Nice call on Heath Quinn and identifying the Giants' patterns.

    Looks like they're holding to that pattern - college pitchers up through 10, with a defense-and-character catcher, grabbing a PR high-school OF'er, then going for random big wild arms.

    Check out the guy at 17, about whom BA says: "Bazar has barely pitched for Louisiana-Lafayette (19 innings in the past two seasons) but he has a big arm that has touched 100 mph in the past and is regularly 95+." Sounds like Black all over.

    I particularly liked the Krook and Brusa picks, not just on the merits but because I like to see them draft a few local kids.

  3. giants drafted jason heyward's little bro and steve bono's son

    i love the late round pics


  4. You did a solid job of predicting some of our draft pick candidates Dr. B! Also, anyone else read that scouting report on Shaw that was posted to the Giants Bleacher Report site? Looks like we got another blue chip prospect on our hands. Go Giants!