Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Game Wrap 6/6/2017: Brewers 5 Giants 2

This one was all but over after the 2'nd inning when Matt Cain allowed a 4-spot with Chase Anderson dealing for the BrewCrew.  A 2-run rally in the 9'th inning was too little, too late.  Key Lines:

Denard Span- 2 for 4.  BA= .268.  Span is 10 for 21 in June after 5 games.

Eduardo Nunez 3B- 3 for 4.  BA= .298.  Nunez stays hot.  Remember, Nunez is a FA after this year, so even if the Giants don't want to go into full-scale selling mode, they have no reason to hang onto Nunez.  Yankees are reportedly in the market for a 3B.  Nunez is a former Yankee.  Yankees have a surplus of prospects.

Buster Posey C- 2 for 4.  BA= .349.  8 of the Giants 9 hits were from the first 4 batters in the lineup.  None of their 9 hits went for extra bases.

Matt Cain RHP- 5 IP, 10 H, 5 R, 2 BB, 3 K's.  ERA= 4.87.  Cain has been up and down all season.  This was more of a downer game.  Looking ahead, the difference between Cainer's buyout and his option is $13 M.  Right now, I'd have to say the Giants can probably put the $13 M to better use.


Ty Blach hopes to keep the magic going tomorrow against Brewers RHP Jimmy Nelson.


Giants traded for Sam Dyson, who was a pretty good closer for the Rangers last year and did a faceplant this season leading to a DFA.  Giants are giving up the PTBNL.  Giants must think they can fix whatever is wrong with Dyson.


  1. Imagine the numbers Posey would be putting up if there was someone hitting good behind him. A true cleanup hitter. As to possible trades. Detroit may be interested in Nunez also if they are still in the AL Central race around the trade deadline. With Price coming back to the Bosox, the Yankees and Orioles might give Cueto a hard look.

  2. In addition to Núñez, maybe NY would like a slick fielding LHB 1Bman, too?
    Yankee Stadium isn't Chase Field but HRs are hit there, a lot more so than AT&T. Belt would look pretty good in pin stripes.

    1. I wouldn't mind if the Giants were able to trade Belt. I would be surprised if the Giants trade Belt or that the Yankees would want him. For some reason I believe this is a regroup season, not a rebuild. So Cueto, Nunez, and Hundley may be traded, but not much else. I'm probably jumping the gun on this, but I think Belt's contract is a bad one. I honestly don't think he will be ever be the hitter Sabean wants him to be. The Nationals with Melancon is another one commenters on other sites have mentioned, which I don't think would happen. That would signal more than a regroup for the Giants.

    2. Why trade Belt? He has power, he's just in the worst possible ballpark in all of MLB for his power to come into play. Meanwhile his OBP is 2nd on the team at .355 and his WRC+ is 119. If he had better speed, he'd be a great lead-off. As it is 2nd & 3rd are great spots in the order for him. And it's not even a good season for him at the plate.

      Meanwhile he continues to provide some of the best 1B defense in all of MLB.

      If we're going to be trading people there are a lot of others that should be on the trade seat:


  3. Sorry, I was trying to approve several comments from my phone and hit a wrong button. If your comment got deleted, it was a mistake. Apologies.

    Belt's contract is not bad. With an open market price of $8.4 M/fWAR, Belt is already more than halfway toward earning his keep and should continue to do so rather easily for the duration of his contract.

    Belt is one player who the Giants could consider trading to create payroll flexibility, but they would need to get a nice haul in return to make it a good deal.