Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Game Wrap 7/25/2018: Mariners 3 Giants 2

The Giants played their 4'th 1-run game in a row and lost their 3'rd out of those 4.  The losses have all followed a similar script:  Fall behind early, struggle at the plate, scratch out a comeback to get even only to lose late.  Key Lines:

Brandon Belt 1B- 1 for 3.  BA= .278.  Belt started the Giants 2-run rally in the 7'th inning with a hard hit ball that caromed off the glove of 1B Ryan Healy.  He stumbled slightly as he hit the bag and brushed against Mariners SP Mike Leake.  The report on quotes Belt as saying he does not know exactly when the hyperextension occurred but it looked to me like Belt was limping as he started to walk to 2B on the overthrow.  Belt is currently day-to-day but will be evaluated tomorrow.

Brandon Crawford SS- 1 for 4, 2B.  BA= .284.  The Giants scored both their runs in the 7'th inning.  Crawford drove in the first run on a double to plate Chase d'Arnaud who pinch ran for Belt.

Hunter Pence LF- Pence continued his hot hitting with a double the 7'th to drive in Brandon Crawford.

Derek Holland LHP- 6 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K's, GO/AO= 8/4.  ERA= 3.92.  Holland gave up single runs in the first 2 innings then settled down to record his 4'th Quality Start out of his last 5 since June 20.  He has also made 4 relief appearances in that time.  His ERA is 2.74 in 23 IP with 30 K's and 6 BB's.  He had a 2.70 ERA in 26.2 IP in June.

Ray Black RHP- 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 K.  ERA= 4.26.  Black is unscored upon in 6 IP over 6 appearances since he gave up 3 runs in 0.1 IP in his MLB debut on July 8.

Tony Watson LHP- 0.1 IP, 0 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 0 K.  ERA= 2.17.  Watson took the Loss after walking the first batter Heredia who advanced to 2B on a groundout by Dee Gordon in which Gordon was initially called Safe but later out on Replay Review.  Sam Dyson came in and gave up the game-winning hit to Jean Segura who singled to drive in Heredia.


The Dodger lost to the Phillies 7-3 and the D'Backs dropped one to the Cubs 2-1 while the Rockies topped the Astros 3-2.  That leaves the Dodgers in first place by 0.5 games over the D'Backs, 1.5 games over the Rockies and 4.5 games over the Giants in the NL West.


The Giants return home to start a series against the Brewers with Young Dereck Rodriguez facing lefty Wade Miley tomorrow evening.


  1. Thanks for the reporting Dr B - this team could go on a winning streak any minute but that's the torture - they don't! Loving the A's right now...

  2. 4-6 last 10, 8-11 in July, 52-51 .505 for the year, projected (Sportsline) to win 82 for the year, futilely up against the CBT, and the Giants aren't sellers -- "that's not our way"!

    Say they get "hot" and go 32-27 .542 and win 84.
    That's 84 wins, +20 wins from 2017's 64-98 .395, a remarkable achievement considering the SP woes and their 3 "major" positional moves all being busts.

    Hindsight is always better than prediction although most contributors to the "best blog in baseball" were skeptical of from 1 to ALL 3 additions.

    Misapplying WAR by extending Hanson (Longoria), Duggar (Jackson), and Slater (McCutchen) for the games they didn't play, had the Giants skipped the "improvements" they would be 5 or so wins better than they are, roughly tied for 1st in the NL West, have some good prospects back, and not be pushing the CBT to the limit.

    Alas, has anything gone right since July 10, 2016, when the Giants were 57-33 .633 & 6.5 games ahead in 1st place (146-191 .433)?

    Well, yes, most of the pitching additions this year. And trading Nunez.

    What should the Giants do in the next 5 days?

    Give McCutchen back to the Pirates for whatever they want, give Longoria back to the Rays for whatever they want, and sell any asset that returns value who is NOT Giant-born and bred and not named Dereck or Alen and maybe Hunter.

    No sell off, no giving up, just a thorough house cleaning!

    1. The Rays are selling and traded Nate Eovaldi to the reds. I doubt they'd take Longoria back unless we paid them. Again.

    2. Yeah... Dyson... High leverage... Do. Not. Do!

  3. That is a real eye-opener with Hanson, Duggar and Slater worth the 5 more wins over Longoria, Jackson and Slater. But the common theme in the blog has been Evans/Bochy's love for veterans that once produced big-time just because they might get hot for a month here and there in their twilight seasons. Cross your fingers that someone wants McCuthen for any value, same with Longoria. I'm torn about the bullpen - I'd like to see a stat for MLB team blown saves...

    1. #1 in blown saves with 21 BSV in 44 SVO. That's 52.27% save percentage. Only Minnesota is worse at 51.22%

      Dyson has 4.
      Strickland has 4.
      Melancon has 3.
      Watson has 3.
      Moronata has 3.
      Gearrin had 2.
      Smith has 1.
      Osich had 1.

      Some of those just happen to be 'rock-and-a-hard-place' blown saves where the reliever is coming in during a very tough situation with multiple runners on base and one, or no outs, and just couldn't save it. Some are more traditional blown saves where he comes in with a clean inning and blows it.

    2. Thanks Mozes - I thought it had to be a high BS%. Could the Gs sell the top 4 off that list now, keep Moronta and Smith with Black, Rogers, Fernandez in 2019...