Tuesday, July 17, 2018

DrB's Preliminary Midseason Top 20 Giants Prospects

We've seen some major changes in the Giants prospect landscape with graduations, poor performances, good performances, the draft and July 2 international signing day.  Here is a preliminary list of my current top 20 Giants prospects.  The list is PRELIMINARY.  Seems like I almost always forget someone obvious.  Feel free to make suggestions.  I will take them into full consideration.  I hope to post my final list on Thursday the final day of the All-Star Break.

1.  Joey Bart, C
2.  Heliot Ramos OF
3.  Marco Luciano SS/OF
4. Dereck Rodriguez RHP
5. Steven Duggar OF
6.  Ray Black RHP
7.  Sean Hjelle RHP
8.  Jacob Gonzalez 3B
9.  Melvin Adon RHP
10. Ryan Howard SS
11.  Chris Shaw LF
12.  Ryder Jones 3B
13.  Jalen Miller 2B
14.  Logan Webb RHP
15.  Seth Corry LHP
16.  Sandro Fabian OF
17.  Alexander Canario OF
18.  Diego Rincones OF
19.  Shaun Anderson RHP
20.  Jose Marte RHP


  1. 1. That's quite some placement for D-Rod.
    2. Tyler Beede not even Top-20. How the mighty have fallen.
    3. Bart is tearing the cover off the ball in A(short).
    4. Ramos has hit .256 over his last 10 games. So he looks like he's adjusting to the super-aggressive A-ball placement.

  2. I would remove Duggar, Black and Rodriguez, they have graduated to the bigs and if Black returns to the minors, at his age he will not be a prospect. The playing time for Duggar and the innings for DRod will eliminate them soon enough. I would add S-K pitcher Santos, SJ outfielder Quinn and Beltre even though he got off to an injury induced slow start this year. He seems to be coming on. My last thought is to move up Canario, Corry and Webb and move down Fabian and Adon.
    Then again, with these prospect lists, the debate is the funnest part.

  3. Santos is a top 10 for sure, consideration for maybe top 5, 18 years old with 3 plus pitches, FB up to 98 and avg. command.

  4. DrB, a few thoughts:

    Gregory Santos is top 10 in the system for me. I'd say he's top 20 at the very least. I have Canario a few spots higher than you, and got lots of feedback that even then he was too low! I also think Shaun Anderson should probably rank above a lot of the pitchers he's below on this list. His Future's Game pick and promotion to AAA tell me he's a name people are talking about around baseball. I had him 11 or 12... I think we both are selling him short.

    Oh, one last thing. I believe D-Rod has graduated from prospect status. He's just a few innings from the threshold anyway, but he's spent 40+ days on the roster, which I believe takes away his eligibility.

    I like the inclusion of Ryan Howard!

  5. Thanks for the feedback, everybody. Thoughts:

    I agree, Gregory Santos has to be top 20. I think I just had a brain fart and forgot about him.

    Young Dereck. I'll look up the number of roster days. I was looking at the 43 IP and thinking, darn! This is the one and only chance for him to help the Giants get credit for a grossly underrated farm system and he's already accomplished more at the MLB level than most of these kids will ever.

    Steven Duggar may be graduated by the end of the season, but he's still a prospect as of now. This is a mid-season list, not an end-of-season list or 2019 list, so there. Duggar is staying!

    Ray Black- See Steven Duggar above.

    Melvin Adon- pitchers with SP potential who can carry triple digit heat late into games don't just grow on trees. Adon's numbers this year aren't that impressive, but the arm is legit+.

    It's always a struggle to balance future ceiling against current performance and proximity to the majors. I've tried to include some of both in this list.

    1. Shaun Anderson- Maybe I am being unfair but it seems like he should be dominating the EL a bit more than he is. He is looking like an innings eater/5'th SP type right now. Maybe he proves me wrong in the PCL where numbers translate to the majors quite well.

    2. So yeah, DRod had been on the roster more than 40 days(I wonder where that cutoff came from?). I'll grudgingly drop him and add Santos, probably just ahead of Adon.

    3. Jones is also no longer a prospect technically.

  6. I just like the fact that we have 3 legit blue-chippers. We haven’t been able to brag about that since the Posey/Bum/Villalona/Alderson days.

    1. There is definitely a top tier of 3 with a wide gap to tier 2.

  7. One thing I find interesting about duggar, at this point is, for a 162 game season, as of right now, he projects out to 162 runs scored, 135 2B, 108 RBI, and 297 K. I know it's early, but still funny numbers for him.

    1. That's mostly small sample size, but if you project his AAA stats over 600 AB's, you get 55 doubles, 8 triples, 8 HR and 100 R. That's pretty impressive too!

  8. Reyes Maronta is another guy who never appeared very high on anyone's top prospect lists, but is now a major contributor in the big leagues (and I assume graduated). Hypothetically, where would you put him?

    1. I would put him in that 2'nd tier of guy performing at MLB along with DRod, Duggar and Black. Probably right behind Black, although Black is a lot riskier due to injury history.

  9. Technically, Ryder Jones lost his “prospect status” last year. But based on his age, I have a hard time leaving him off lists as well.

  10. It's easy to forget that Ryder Jones got 150 MLB At-Bats last year, so he is not a prospect any more.

    1. ryder jones could be a trade chip at the deadline

  11. Nice list.

    Small quibble: I am much higher on Logan Webb and think his performance/stuff at Cass A+ gives him a ceiling of a Matt Cain type no 2 starter with a much higher likelihood of reaching that potential compared to the only other pitcher on the list with that upside: Santos.