Saturday, October 27, 2012

World Series Game 3 Live Blog

Woohoo!  Come on hitters!  Let's get Vogey a lead!

Bugs me how McCarver puts the emphasis on the wrong syllable when he pronounces latino names.

Gotta give credit to Fox for great slo-mo shots of the ball making contact with the bat.

Hmmm......94 MPH with a great change up?  Better hope Vogey can turn this into another pitcher's duel.

Not sure what McCarver is talking about ignoring the radar gun on Vogey.  92-93 is not a bat radar gun reading.  Vogey pounds one inside and Jackson fouls it off his foot.  Ouch!  Weak grounder to 2B.

Ooh!  Close pitch.  Looks like ump may have a tight K zone.  Not sure what McCarver is talking about with the 3-2 count by Vogey.  Maybe he was being sarcastic?   Vogey typically has a lot of 3-2's.

Seeing eye single by Miggy.  Come on!  Get Fielder to hit a grounder!  And Vogey delivers the DP ball!

Shut up, McCarver!  Belt's toe obviously stayed on the bag.  Even Joe Buck sounded annoyed.

Pence draws a 4 pitch walk.  Come on, Belt.  Get one up into that wind blowing out to RF!  Belt keep his bat on his shoulder for strike 3, but Pence steals 2B.  Come on Blanco!

Wild pitch gets Pence to 3B.  Blanco has had a bat habit of looking at strike 3 in these situations.  Gotta put it in play!  Yes, Blanco!  The triple to the right-center gap drives in Pence and replaces him at 3B with just 1 out.

I would say A Sanchez is having trouble gripping the ball.  Nearly threw another one away.

Oh!  You cannot strike out looking with a runner at 3B and less than 2 outs, Hector!

Yes!  Crawford picks up Hector and Austin Jackson overruns another ball in CF!  Opportunity to add on.

OK, I usually defend Tim McCarver but this is getting ridiculous.  When you aren't  getting your pitches over the plate, it's usually a bad sign?  Really, Tim?  I never would have thought of that!

The bottom of the lineup gave Vogey a lead.  Giants pitchers have generally known what to do with leads.  Come on, Vogey!

After throwing more than 20 pitches in the first inning, Vogey gets his pitch count down below 40 through 2 IP.  Statistically, his command gets much better after his first 25 pitches.

And Scutaro is unhappy with the ump!

Oh Pablo! We know you are hot but you can't swing at that crap!  Sanchez uncorks another sailer.

Eeek!  Jackson beats out a dribbler.  McCarver starts going on and on about how the Tigers luck might be turning then Vogey erases them on a DP ball by Berry.  Yes!  Despite those 2 hits in the inning, Vogey is painting the corners with the FB and looking good.

Basehit for Pence who seems to have settled down a lot since I advised him to lay off the caffeine.

The Hector is getting caught with his bat on his shoulder a lot lately.  I think I like Hacking Hector better.

Vogey gets past the big 2 in the middle of the Tigers order.  A couple of strikes got called balls by the ump in that AB by Delmon Young.  Another GB to Scooter to end the inning.  Vogey seems to be rolling now.

Pagan gives it a ride but Jackson catches up with it on the warning track.

Sanchez was running up a healthy pitch count but that was a low pitch inning for him.

Vogey really laboring here.  Not getting much help from the ump.  Bases loaded  with just 1 out.  Heart of the order coming up.  Huge K on Berry.  Now he has to get Miggy Cab with the bases loaded.  Popped him up!! Brilliant gutsy pitching by Vogey there.  Do you let him come back out for the 6'th?

Oh man!  It is so frustrating to watch Belt just stand there and look at strikes go by.  I wonder if the MCC crowd is digging it?

Timmy time!  He gives up a hard hit ball to Peralta but right at Pence to get out of the 6'th inning.  9 outs to go.  Pitching could use an insurance run or two.

Blanco should have been called safe at 1B there.

Wow!  Very inconsistent K zone from this ump, especially at the upper edge although it's not really an edge with this guy.  It's more like an 8 inch vertical area where he randomly calls balls and strikes.

Over on Fangraphs Live Chat they are calling this the worst WS ever.  What a bunch of losers!  They are PO'd that Vogey had a much higher xFIP than Sanchez, yet is winning.

Timmeh!!!!  6 outs to go!  Let's get an insurance run or two.

Heart of the order again.  Still 2-0.  Brandon Crawford! Yes!  Giants fielding comes through once again.  Timmy embarrasses Fielder!  4 outs to go.  Uh oh, now Craw bobbles one and then rushed the throw when he didn't have to.  Belt can't dig it out.  Tigers hitters still not recognizing Timmy's dirt balls.  3 outs to go!

At least Belt went down swinging this time.  Blanco has every reason to be upset with that called third strike.  This has been an unbelieveable horsebleep strike zone tonight.

OK.  Romo time!  3 big outs to go!

Larry Baer looks like he's getting hypothermic.

How on Earth did Blanco ever get to that ball?  Giants defense strikes again!

Can of corn for Pagan.  1 out to go!  Strike 3!  Giants win and take a 3-0 lead in the series.

Giants pitching and defense is absolutely suffocating this Tigers team.

Thanks for following along, everybody.  Commenters too.  Full game wrap to follow.  Maybe in AM.


  1. DrB dont you think that Crawford brings much more confidence at the plate than Belt?? I really like Crawford's swing as well, really starting to think he could end up being one of the best SS in the league in the years to come.

    Go Giants!!!!

    1. I agree. Interesting comments about Crawford from John Barr in an article on the Giants website. Sounds like they think Crawford is going to develop into a first rate offensive SS over the next 2-3 years.

      Still have high hopes for Belt, though.

    2. I do think Crawford can be an ok offensive player and a top of the line defensive type guy.

  2. Get ready for the "TIGERS BEAT THEMSELVES" headlines again. I don't give a crap what the headlines are as long as we're parading down the SF Streets again!

    1. Well, the corollary to that notion is the Giants aren't beating themselves.

    2. On this note, Tom Verducci wrote after Game 2 "If the Giants win the World Series by playing like this, this will be the first official World Series DVD that will be released as an instructional video. They turn every double play that needs to be turned, run the bases with speed and smarts, make every play on defense, don't walk people and, even when they miss cutoff men, have people in the right spot and execute flawlessly."

      An instructional video: this, for me, is a profound source of pride, especially for a team with so many young players.

    3. Those 2 DP's that Scooter and Crawford turned were by no means routine. Scooter had long throws in the wrong direction to get the ball to Crawford and Crawford needed every bit of his athleticism and arm strength to get the ball on to Belt. Giants defense was, once again sensational. Can't really say Detroit made any defensive mistakes tonight that hurt them(Jackson overran a ball but it ended up not costing any runs) but the Giants defense literally saved the game for them on multiple occasions.


      Check out the video blog. Finally some cred. End of the video they discuss the Giants "applying information better than any team they've ever seen." Props for some cred. They point out to how the Giants aren't getting lucky, they're pitching certain guys certain ways and positioning their defense... It looks like they're always in the right place at the right time because they are. Reminds me of Blanco discussing his catch in the Matt Cain perfect game... he was positioned to catch that ball because he knew the scouting report.

    5. There are some things I don't understand. Here's the Fangraphs writers acting like this is the worst World Series they've ever seen. When they do the Live Chats during the game they act like that's the last place on Earth they want to be. Yet, this series should be the perfect narrative for them. A big part of Fangraphs raison d'etre is to champion defensive metrics as the new frontier in sabermetrics. This series is featuring a heavily favored team with terrible defensive metrics getting their butts kicked by a team with + defensive metrics and the whole world can see that defense has been a big part of the reason. Why they aren't shouting that from the tops of tall buildings is way beyond me.

      But yeah, good to see someone giving the Giants credit for being information savvy and utilizing that knowledge to beat other teams. It's been my belief for a long time that while the Giants have been laughed to scorn by the sabermetric crowd, they are actually way ahead of the game. They just don't like to advertise that fact.

  3. Again looking at the hitting stats, how the hell are the Giants doing this? Scoots, Posey, Belt, Sanchez are doing not much and looking pretty at it too.

    Stats don't measure guts. And believe me with the bases loaded, it took REAL GUTS for Voggie to throw an up-n-in pitch to The MVP, The Triple Crown winner, The Best Hitter On The Planet. Pop up! And Pop goes Detroit.

    DEFENSE - the defensive differential between the Giants goodness and Detroit's badness is grand canyon sized and why Detroit is losing the WS.

    What do Obama and the Giants have in common? FOX can't give them credit for anything, even when it goes down right in front of their faces. Up 3-0 wonder what weak-ass excuse FOX is going to have for this one.

    Just to get my complaint in, Voggie couldn't buy a high strike, but Sanchez was living there. Lucky Timmy came in with his unhittable low zone FB and dirty change-up.

    1. I wonder if FOX isn't disgruntled at a WS that may end in four games, and even if not, will be assumed by most people to be in the hands of the Giants by the fifth or sixth game. That's a lot of ad money that FOX stands to lose, if extra games aren't played or eagerly watched. They have an ideological stake in speciousness and fraud as to politics, but a financial stake in making baseball more contentious, even if only by sportscasters' imbecility.

    2. The strike zone was absolutely an abomination tonight and yes, Vogey couldn't get anything above the belt called a strike and Sanchez was living at the letters and the ump kept ringing the Giants up on it. Vogey gets double kudos for living, persevering and finally winning in that horsebleep environment.

  4. Before this year, there have been 23 World Series' tha have started 3-0.

    Only 3 have seen a game 5.

    1. Yeah, and nobody has come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the series, but we should know better than anyone there's a first time for everything.