Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 World Series Game 2 Live Blog

Hey everybody!  Got home in time to watch the first pitch.  Bummy gets the first batter on a K.  Let's hope he has the mojo and new mechanics working.  K's second batter too!  3 up, 3 down.  Come on, offense!

Fox's keys the the game?  Tigers:  Doug:  Get us home!  Giants:  Trust your instincts.  Who comes up with this stuff?  Here's DrB's key to the game:  Which starter is going to pitch better?

Fister has a heckuva tail on his two seam fastball.  Giants hitters are going to have a tough time squaring that up and elevating it.

And the defense comes through again!  Not sure what Fielder thought he was doing there though.

Not sure I'm digging Bumgarner's stuff but so far, so good.

Buster shows what kind of approach is going to work against Fister tonight.

Man, that is scary!  Line drive off the right side of Fister's head.  I think it hit in the parietal area rather than the temple.  The skull is thicker there so less chance of what happened to Brandon McCarthy, but they need to watch him closely.  Agree with McCarver that pitchers are going to have to start wearing helmets out there.

5 K's in 3 innings for Bummy.  Some of his pitches look a bit flat but the results are good so far.

Big inning for Bumgarner to get through.  He's gonna have to hang tough in this one because Fister is not giving up a lot of runs.  You don't want the leadoff batter on in front of Miggy and Fielder.

Pablo snags a liner off Miggy and Blanco tracks down a Fielder drive at the warning track. Well, it ain't pretty but the results are OK.  Bummy picks off Infante for the 3'rd out.

Giants hit some balls hard that inning but right at people.

Bummy's stuff is looking better.  We've got an old fashioned Giants pitching duel going.

72 pitches through 6 IP for Bummy with 8 K's.  I guess the Giants pitching mavens figured out what was wrong with Bumgarner and got it fixed.  I hear Bummy told Amy G and Kuip in his southern drawl, "I got fixed."  LOL!

Time for top of the order to get something going.

Fister up to 99 pitches and we're still in the 6'th.  Giants are doing a good job of fouling off pitches and running up the opponents pitch counts.  Not used to seeing that from Giants hitters.

That's right!  Cabrera gets a gift walk from the ump and Bummy just gets Fielder on a comebacker DP. Nice job by Bumgarner to realize he had time and could  wait for Crawford to get over to the bag.

Hate the DP there, but if that's what it takes to get the first run of the game, I guess we'll take it.

Come on, Riot.  Pick up your buddy Crawford here!  Oh well, I guess we'll have to be happy with 1 run.  Can The Committee bring it home?  6 outs to go!

Very nice inning from Casilla.  3 outs to go!  Let's get an insurance run or two here.

Dotel doesn't look like he really wants to be out there.....and he walks Posey!

Pence delivers the Sac Fly!

Romo time!  3 outs to go!

1 down!  Detroit hitters haven't faced Romo's slider before.  And there's the K!

Infante, on the other hand, has faced Romo in the NL.  2-2 count.

That's the ballgame!  What an effort by Bumgarner and the pitching staff!!

Thanks to everybody for following the Live Blog.  Full Game Wrap to follow, probably in the AM.


  1. Good pitching so far from both teams, excellent fielding from both teams as well. I've never liked the Giants to face pitchers with offspeed stuff, i tend to think they fare better against hard throwers.

    1. Makes two of us.....And that menas a pitcher like Sanchez, who has the Giants number...OTOH, the Giants have seemed to have changed their approach for the better.....I know Sanchez hits LH, but not sure if he's the best option against Detroit's Sanchez...

      BTW, loved reading the blog AFTER the win..helped me relive it...


  2. Is it just me or did Pence actually look better at the plate tonight? His second at bat lasted a decent number of pitches, got the base hit to start the first rally, and fought Dotel to get a pitch to drive for the sac fly.

    1. He did look better. Just a bit more patient. Less fidgety and tremulous at the plate.

  3. My man Pence DID look better. Single & scored the first run. Sac Fly for the 2nd run RBI (only RBI of the game.)

    Just like with all those RBIs produced with sucha a dismal BA the last two months, Pence can sneak up on you.

    Giants are going to need him in Motown.

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