Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 NLCS Game 6 Live Blog

Hey everybody!  Are you as stoked for this as I am?

Love the Kingston Trio!  Great version of the National Anthem.

I don't think there's anybody we would rather have starting this game than Vogey, for better or worse.  He's the guy we want out there.

2 of the 3 Fox panelists are picking the Giants.  I figure that's the kiss of death.  Those guys are never right!  Karros couldn't bring himself to pick the Giants.  Has he ever?

Picking any team to win one game is stupid anyway.  Unless Verlander is pitching.  That's about as close to a mortal lock as anything right now.

OK, here we go.  Vogey K's the first batter!

Holliday is sitting this one out.  Maybe his back is hurting or maybe he thinks Vogey remembers the slide?

Beautiful changeup to K Beltran.  Grab some pine, Meat!

And Vogey strikes out the side!  Did I mention that Matt Carpenter looks a lot like Brian Wilson?

So far, Chris Carpenter is having trouble with is command.  Panda takes it to the wall in CF.  Come on, Buster!

At least they get a run.  First run in this game is huge.

Hammer curve to K Freese there.  We've seen a great changeup and a hammer curve already.  I like it!

And there's an elevated FB to get Kozma.  5 K's in 2 IP.  Go Giants!

Come on Belt.  Get that bat off your shoulder!  That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

And the butcher boy play works!  LOL!

Yes, Scooter!  Carpenter is obviously not 100%, but Giants are taking advantage.  4 run lead with the way Vogey is pitching looks good.

Seeing eye single for Sandoval.  2 for 2 tonight.  He's red hot.

Cards are not a good fielding team.  Their fielding or lack thereof has hurt them terribly in this series.

Now I'm not sure who Vogey struck out with the high heater.  Must have been Descalso, but I thought it was a RH batter.

Vogey is painting the corners on Craig.  If you are going to stay inside, make sure you miss off the plate there, Vogey!  THAT's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Vogey is under 60 pitches through 4 despite 7 K's.

Descalso breaks up the no-hitter.  Vogey is so dialed in right now, I think he could take on Verlander!

Come on Vogey.  Forget the no-no.  You'll get one someday!

OK, Vogey.  Let's put the hammer down on this one.

Vogey might be tiring a bit here.  Hope Bochy and Rags are watching him closely.

Whew!  Molina hit that one pretty hard too.  Can't let this Cardinals team start thinking they can get back in it.  They are relentless if they smell victory.

9 outs to go!

Vogey puts the hammer down!  6 outs to go.

Love the GBA singer!  LOL!

3 outs to go!  With a 4 run lead, do you try to let Casilla finish it and save Romo for tomorrow?

It's a bit late to be bringing in Eyechart.  Matheny should have had him face Crawford in the 4'th Friday night.

Defense has been a factor in this series.

WTF, Brian Wilson?

And Eyechart walks Crawford!

Riot get an RBI!  Lead back to 5.  Romo Time!

They did it!  We're back even and it's a 1 game series.  Do or die.  For better or worse, Matt Cain is the guy you want out there for it.

What an effort by Vogelsong!  The legend continues to grow!  The movie ending keeps getting better!

Thanks for following everybody.  Full Game Wrap later.  I'll probably miss the first few innings tomorrow due to work but I'll start live blogging as soon as I get home.


  1. Yep, wouldn't want anyone else but Vogie for this start given the performances this year in the playoffs.

    New career high in K' for Vogie, 9th.

  2. How did Blanco miss that one, I thought he had it, oh, replay shows it bounced off the side of the glove. Of course, it's an error, has this announcer not ever seen a baseball game season before?

  3. VogelStrong seven innings.

    Ooo, Beach Blanket Babylon performer singing!

    love that show, recommend it anyone loving a fun time, lots of good old songs, lots of current news satire.

    Ooops, she screwed up but recovered nicely!

    Nice set of pipes on her!

    1. I absolutely love the GBA singer. So San Francisco! Kingston Trio was great too. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? I think they did Sloop John B before the Beach Boys too.

  4. With 102 pitches, Vogie is probably on a batter by batter short leash, though with Jay, Carpenter and Beltran up, maybe bring in Affeldt now to get the lefties out.

  5. Vogie did a great job tonight working both sides of the plate. He's earned a contract extension for me. 6 more outs to go. Can't relax against the Cards though.


  6. 5 more outs and I will be sitting in the bleachers tomorrow night. This team is a beast and we got the woodpeckers on their heals. Odds of calling in sick on tuesday morning are pretty good....

    1. Have fun at the game tomorrow night! Wish I could be there.. I'm taking the day off tomorrow to watch it on TV. It should be a classic.


  7. Anyone find it odd that the three games we won were started by Zito and Vogey...

    1. Postseasons can produce unlikely heroes. Anybody remember Brian Doyle and Bucky Dent?

  8. Rematch of Game 3, the one that got away from us. Hope we can string hits against Lohse tomorrow.

    Vogelsong stood tall. What a pitcher.

    Game 7's are the best of the best. This is going to be great.

  9. Cain, this is the game they are paying you handsomely for...