Monday, October 29, 2012

Bloggers Note

Hey team!  Too much to read on the internets this morning.  Gotta get to work. I'll post a complete Game Wrap this evening.  Sorry for the delay.



  1. Another great year. Thanks for all your work DrB.

  2. Dave Cameron issues a mea culpa. Bout time. Good work last night DrB.

    1. While the Giants may not be a classic “Moneyball” team, this roster was built in a style that Billy Beane would appreciate — strong pitching developed internally and useful pieces cobbled together to make a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

      - Cameron

      Developing from within, finding players who can contribute, either paying reasonable prices or (this is only secondary, as it's not about the ego of the GM) cheaply if opportunities are there - these have been around long before Moneyball.

      In fact, you can be like LaRussa and his reacting to the movie and still do all these smart things.

      Moreover, to get the sum to be greater than its parts, you have to talk about chemistry, team concept, player baseball IQ, managing, scouting, coaching, cluthiness and many things that are more than just numbers.

    2. Not to take anything away from what Billy Beane accomplished with this year's Oakland A', but I always have to laugh at the notion that Moneyball is only about finding undervalued commodities. Uh, isn't that what GM's and baseball scouts have been doing for the last 115 years or so? I mean, maybe not the Yankees, but pretty much everyone else is trying to find the best players at the lowest cost and always has.