Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Down on the Farm: AFL Report 10/29/2012

Scottsdale Scorpions stung the Peoria Javalinas 7-1:

Gary Brown(LF)- 3 for 4.  BA= .308.
Joe Panik(SS)- 1 for 4.  BA= .250.
Heath Hembree(RHP)- 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 2 K's.  ERA= 1.50.

Hembree now has 10 K's against 2 BB in 6 IP in the AFL.  Gary Brown now has the #20 highest BA in the AFL as sample size has brought some of the rabbits back to the pack.  He has a .378 OBP but has been caught 3 times in 4 SB attempts.

Some news from other winter leagues:

Todd Linden is tearing up the Dominican Winter League hitting .407/.500/.741 with 2 HR's in 27 AB.

Roger Kieschnick is hitting well with a .303/.378/.485 line with 2 dingers in 33 AB, also in the DWL.


  1. Nice to see Brown hitting well against better pitching. That bodes well. Panik seems to take longer to adjust, least that is what I keep telling myself. We will need him sooner rather than later at 2b.

    I would hope Hembree gets a call up this Spring, with Bochy Jr. moving into the closing spot for AAA. Having said that, not sure whose spot Hembree takes. I think the only relievers not under contract next year are Affeldt (who I could see getting another 1-2 year deal), and Mota. I guess he could take the latter's spot with Kontos moving to long relief. Need to stretch Mijares out and make him the next Lopez.

    Any thoughts on whether Roger gets a call up? He had a good season until he got hurt and seems to be back in AFL. If he did, he could take an OF spot (assuming we sign Pagan, given Pence 1 year deal and sign Blanco).


  2. It's good to have options and also good to have to try to figure out where to play the kids.

    Invariably, it seems, the team would need to come to them during the course of a season.

    If Panik hits worse then he did last fall, you would assume it's just short sample bias, as most people go through weeks or months of below average performance. You wouldn't necessarily assume he regress. Better pitching this fall than last might be another possibility. All said, the fall season is not over, I hope Panik will finish with better numbers than those from last year.

    One more thing - It's probably more likely that young players from our own system contribute to the chemistry than expensive free agents/established players obtained through trades, though it's not necessarily so. I think Pence is a good example. Whenever possible, I prefer improving the team by promoting worthy prospects from within.

  3. Kieschnick needs a doctor for an agent. I figured he would move up with Crawford, MadBum, Gillaspie and Posey as part of that 2009 Baby Giants. Seems like Roger got run over by a medic's truck, EVERY year.

    I figured MLB would get the messasge about these big money FAs but, it took the Giants to show them the last 3 years. Homegrown, personality and stats syndrome is now here. A tad cheaper, but the organization knows what they have in each homegrown player...

    Want to be the Angels about 7 years from now???

  4. Maybe Kieschnick, if healthy, has a chance to make the club as a 5th of/Spare 1B (can he play 1B)....

    Also seems like RUNZLER has jsut been domninating the AFL, as he should...If he doesn't make it to be a big part of the Giants in 2013 at 28, it's probably best he gets traded to another org...