Monday, October 15, 2012

NLCS Game 2: Live Blog

Sorry for the late start.   Had to pick up my car from the shop.

Vogie with a bit of a shaky first but like the 93 MPH I'm seeing on the gun.  Pagan gives the Giants a much needed lead.

Vogie loses a chance to keep his pitch count down there.

Wouldn't you know it.  Carpenter gets a big hit after the walk.  Arrgh!!  Jay hit the ball hard in his first AB.

Have to say something about Holliday's slide in the first.  He was completely off the ground while he was over the bag.  That was not a takeout slide so much as an injury causing slide.  Holliday is one of the biggest whiners in baseball to boot.  I'm sure AJ loved that one.

OK, damage limited.  Time for the bottom of the order to do their thing.

They announcers are talking about an ump meeting between innings.  They think it is about what they will do if Vogie plunks Holliday.  Right now not the right time to retaliate.  Wait until later in the game when Vogie will be coming out soon anyway or else let a reliever do the dirty work.

And of course there is the obligatory tape of Posey's injury.  Hate that!  It would be fine with me if they never showed that again.

Great pitch in the inside corner to K Craig.  And a nice play by Belt on the foul pop clear into the bullpen area right at the railing.  Love Belt's D!

Belt dumps one down the LF line and Blanco bounces one over the 3B head.  First and third, one out!
Ha!  About time the Giants get a break on some batted balls!

Vogie struggling to get a bunt down here.  Nice job by Vogie.  Come on, Pagan!  High leverage AB here.  OK Scooter, you've been coming through in this situation all second half.

Yes!!  Holliday boots it too!  Giants have a nice lead here.  Now Vogie needs to put the hammer down!  Very nice rally started by the bottom of the order again.   They made huge contribution to the 4 run rally last night too!

I don't agree with the booing of Beltran.  The trade didn't work out.  Time to move on.  Holliday?  Yeah he deserves the boos!

Vogie puts the hammer down!!

Great ovation for Vogie.  What a tremendous performance!  Whatever happens the rest of the way, he can hold his head high and know he competed and succeeded at the very highest level of this game.

Shelby Miller is a prospect who I think is equal or maybe slightly better than Zack Wheeler and as you all know, I'm a big Wheels fan.  Fantasy owners, keep him on your watch list next year.  If you are in a keeper league, grab him.  You could tell Buster had never seen him before, Belt too!

Crawford is robbed on a great catch by Jon Jay.    Perfectly placed between CF and RF, but hung up just a second too long and Jay covers a lot of ground in the OF.  So, Crawford helps the 4 run rally with a chopper that caused an error, then is out on two balls he hit hard.  All part of the game.  Now Huff hits a blooper for a single.

I think Brian Wilson is losing his mind.

Looks like the Giants made a quick read of Shelby Miller.  Go Giants!!  Yes!! Huff scores from 2B!!  Theriot fills in for Scooter and takes it to his old teammates.

Not sure what Matheny was thinking using his one and only LOOGY there.  I'll just call him "Eyechart" since I can't spell his name much less pronounce it.

Not sure I agree with using Romo here.  I guess he's had 3 days off and has an off day tomorrow, so needs the work?

Little known fact about Romo:  His two seam fastball moves almost as much armside as his slider moves glove side.....and there's the slider!   Game over!!!

We got 5 game series now.  Can the Giants win 2 of 3 in St Louis?  Win all 3?

Thanks for reading and commenting.  Full Game Wrap to follow.


  1. Holliday, in addition to being a lowlife pig, is a sketchy fielder. Great to see that show up tonight.

    I'm an old infielder, and that play at 2nd complete BS. Holliday is your typical bully, who has no concept of perspective. He has no qualms of threatening someone's career if "that's what it takes to win."

    What does Holliday care. He has his contract.

    Giants need to retaliate, at the right time.

    That play woke me up. I was ready to concede that the Cardinals were the better team, peaking at the right time. Now I want blood.

  2. Beltran (covered territory) is just a mercenary.

    Strategically not talking to the Giants (until late into the FA season) to wring every last dollar is crap.

    Giants gave up a lot to get him. Sure, not his problem. But, you know, be decent guy. Have a conversation. Have a number in mind. An "enough" number. Instead, Beltran wanted contest and to milk every cent he could.

    Worth a ton of boos.

    1. I don't agree but It's OK to disagree politely.

    2. Sorry Doc. Not booing you of course.

  3. Again, back against the wall, again, Vogey comes through...

    Scutaro in for X-Rays...

    1. Hope Scooter is OK. He didn't want to come out. Hopefully the day off will be enough to get him back. That was a tough blow he took, though.

  4. When all is said and done with pitching stats, the most telling is K's per IP. Miller's numbers in the minors sound pretty insane.

  5. Time to bring in Brian Wilson! FEAR THE BEARD!

    Hehe, seriously though, do you think the Giants will go outside the system for a closer next year? Or Hembree?

    1. Hembree is not ready. I think they will non-tender Wilson and try to sign him on a low cost, possibly incentive laden deal. They'll go with the committee and/or Wilson and hope Hembree/Bochy is ready by mid-season. I wouldn't completely discount Kontos taking over as closer at some point either.

  6. I've been visting MCC just to hang with Giants fans during the playoff games, but I just need to avoid reading anything, as it is just depressing. If you read all that, you would think that the Giants were 100 game losers during the season, not playing in the NLCS. Many have zero confidence in the Giants, and the way they write, all I can say is hopefully they keep sharp instruments away from their reach or there would be a mass suicide happening during the game. Just reminded me exactly why I don't venture there much anymore.

    And it is horribly hard to enter in comments, the box keeps on disappearing far down and it gets so long that it is hard to move around easily.

    And while I'm sitting out this rain delay in the 3-1 deficit, how about Scutaro, is he a baseball god or what? Too bad nobody has been able to get the big hit to blow apart the game for the Giants, particularly Pence. But it is not the end of the world, I think they should be able to win at least one here and bring the series back to SF, and despite their poor record there so far in the playoffs, I would like our chances if the playoffs return back to SF.

    1. Wish I could live blog this one but pretty tough to do at work. Sorry for the late Game Wrap of Game 3. I went to a SF Bulls-Ontario Reign hockey game with a group from work last night. I have no interest in hockey, but it was kind of a social obligation.