Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 World Series Game 1 Live Blog

Hey team!  Got home from work just in time to see Panda hit it out.  Knew it was gone as soon as it left the bat.  Didn't catch the first inning but I hear from my family that Zito wiggled out of allowing 2 runners.  Gotta shut it down now Zeets!

Awesome curveball to K Peralta.  Grab some pine, Meat!
Nice play by Crawford.  Routine for him.  Belt almost gets his feet tangled up there.  Nice inning for Zeets.

Infante commits on the slider.  Grab some pine, Meat!  There's the D from Blanco!  Another nice inning for Zito.

Giants are forcing Verlander to throw pitches. He's now well over the 45 pitch target for 3 innings.  Now he has to throw some more!  Giants hitters are doing a good job of laying off the curveball and Verlander is not getting many called strikes with it.

And the Detroit defense gives the Giants a run!!!

Detroit pitching coach comes out and Verlander looks at him like, WTF?  Then, Panda goes deep again!!!  Giants up 4-0!!

Nice inning there, Giants!  Let's go, Zito.  You know what to do with a 4 run lead!

Wow!  Heads up play by Posey!  Tag and throw DP.  Another shut down inning for Zito.

LOL Zito!  RBI base hit to left and a terrible, terrible throw by Delmon Young!

Pablo Sandoval!!  How about that?  Ties a WS record with 3 dingers in 1 game!  The other guys to do it?  How about Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujols?

Blanco picks another one out of the grass tips!

OK, you guys won't believe this, but my daughter wore a Panda hat tonight for our family WS viewing party.  She has never worn it before!

Timmy slams the door!

1,2,3 inning for Timmy.  Crowd goes wild!

No 4'th dinger for Pablo, but he goes 4 for 4!  At this rate, he might get another AB.

Tigers are short a pitcher because Valverde is useless right now.  Was that Benito Santiago in the stands?

AL hitters are not used to seeing Timmy's splitter in the dirt and can't lay off.

OK, 3 outs to go!

Pagan just misses bringing that one back.  8-3.

2 down!

Not a great outing for Kontos.

Giants win!  They beat the mighty Justin Verlander.  Up 1-0 in games.  Pablo ties a WS record.

Go Giants!!!

Thanks to everybody who followed along.  Thanks especially for the comments.  Full Game Wrap to follow, probably in AM.


  1. Blanco's play on Cabrerra's ball - that's Giants DEFENSE !!!

  2. Great outing by Zito!!!

    I think thats what all giants pitchers should do this series 5IP is good enough and let Lincecum come in for 2IP then give it Romo, Lopez, and the rest.

    I might be the only who thinks that when Pablo has batted .300+ he seems more of a dangerous hitter than Posey at the plate and I think he can be a better hitter than Posey as well, the only real plus that Posey has is plate discipline.

    Would be great to have these two back to back for years to come!!!

    Go Giants!!!!!!!

    1. No, I think Pablo can be a much more dangerous hitter than Posey on a regular basis. People get too blinded by his body type. That's why I wouldn't trade him at all, he would have to leave us. There was someone here who wanted to trade him: this is why you don't trade him. This is why you put up with whatever you might have to put up with (and really, for today's ballplayers, he really isn't that weird.

      Discipline is nice, but we don't need him to get on base with a walk, we need him to blast the balls out for extra-base hits and drive in runs.

      And we will have them back to back for years to come, they are both controlled for at least a couple more years and I wouldn't be surprised by an extension for Sandoval in one of the next two off-seasons.

    2. Hey, let's not get carried away with the Pablo over Posey comps here. Giants need both in the lineup. I'm still not sure I sign a multi-year 9 figure contract with either of them due to long term physical/longevity issues.

  3. And that other play in the 6th was pretty good too!

    Wow, Panda-power! And he gets at least one more AB.

    Yeah, Zito! What a good start!

  4. Scutarooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Best trade EVER!

  5. One of the few times I'm ever disappointed that a Giants player didn't hit a homerun.

    1. Dang! I was hoping to pick up Pablo on the cheap in next year's fantasy draft because I think he is going to have a huge season. Now everybody is going to be thinking the same thing! I'll happily trade a few more dollars for Pablo in my fantasy draft for tonight, though.

  6. Is Fox stupid? They should know how much Giants fans hate AJ Pierzitski! There was NOBODY else they could have hired?

    1. Karros is hilarious. On LA sports talk radio he actually has some interesting things to say and gives the Gints a lot of credit. Then he gets on TV and puts his foot in the mouth. I was feeling good once the 3 stooges predicted Detroit dominance. I also was feeling good when some LA sports radio guy said it was a shoe in for Verlander to take 3 so the Tigers only needed one more from any other pitcher.

      Nice start. Lots of work to do. Bumgarner? Who shows up? Has Tidrow been busy?