Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 NLCS Game 7 Live Blog

Hey, how is everybody?  Just got home from work.  Cainer got through inning 1 but innings 2-4 have been the telling ones so far.  Giants need to get out in front early.

Pagan leading off with a line drive single is a good start. Lohse throws a lot of first pitch strikes and tries to get ahead of hitters.  Giants hitters might need to be aggressive.

I"m not a big fan of hit and runs but that was a beauty.

Pablo drives in a run with a swinging bunt.  Hey, it works as well as a 350 ft sac fly!

Posey still struggling and Pence still looks lost but getting the one run out of that was critical.  Come on Cainer!

Cainer in a bit of a jam. Doesn't seem to have great command so far.

OMG!  Thank God for Brandon Crawford!  I thought that was a 2 run single for sure!

Yes!!  Cainer drives in Blanco to help is own cause!

I'm tellin' ya.  Defense has been a huge difference in this series.  Giants fielders have it covered like a blanket!

OK,  we're in business again.  Come on, Buster and Pence need to come through here!

Bases loaded, no outs.  Matheny goes to the bullpen.  Time for Pence to come through.

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!  Cards defense a factor yet again!  Kozma broke the wrong way and Jay bobbled it in CF.  Pence clears the bases!  Pence was smart to jump on that pitch before Kelly had a chance to get settled down.  Gotta figure he's going to come in and try to throw strikes.

Another bad decision by a Cardinals fielder.  Giants just chippin' away.  Keepin' the line moving!

Need to add on here.   Remember Cards were down 6-0 in NLDS Game 5.

Bad feed to 2B from Kozma breaks up the DP.  7-0!

Cainer needs to shut it down here.  A long layoff on a cold night can really stiffen a pitcher up.

Grab some pine, meat!  Nice shut down inning there and another scintillating play for Scutaro and the Giants defense.  Defense, defense defense.  Huge difference in this series!

Pence did not look fidgety and did look like he knew what he was doing on that one.

The way Pence tracked that flyball from Beltran, I'm guessing the wind blew it back by a good 20-30 feet!

If Cainer hit Holliday on purpose, and it sure looked like he might have, he must be feeling pretty darn confident.  Gotta hope it doesn't come back to bite.

Very smart of Bochy to take Descalso seriously.  He led the Cards big comeback against the Nats.  9 outs to go!

Factoid from High Heat Stats:  Giants, Cards and Dodgers have each represented the National League in 18 WS.  Let's break that tie!!   Go Giants!!

 6 outs to go!

Bochy pushing all the right buttons.  3 outs to go!!

Belt hits a dinger.  Thought for sure that was a splash hit.  Barry Bonds made it look so easy.  Happy for the insurance run.

1 out to go!

Not sure Lopez was able to really grip the ball.  Romo needs to have a grip to make his slider work.  Not digging this at all.

Romo actually got some movement on that slider.

Let the rain come down!  Giants win the pennant!

Scutaro a very deserving MVP.  Vogey and Zito could make a case too.


  1. On that ball that Pence hit, the slow motion TV replay showed that the ball broke his bat and actually made contact with th bat 3 times! Never seen anything like it but would explain the weird english on the ball.

    GO GIANTS! Dont relax against this opponent.


  2. Go Giants!

    Keep it going, keep the shutout!

  3. Replies
    1. The Giants Win the Pennant!
      The Giants Win the Pennant!

  4. And the rain comes pouring down...and nobody cares!!!

    Pure Joy!

    Giants Win The Pennant!

    I thinking Al Green, "Take me to the River"

    Wilson should find an ark and a staff. And Zito some tablets.

    1. Stood up tall, Shark, made your call! Love it. Love this team.

  5. I had a pretty good feeling about tonight after running into Joe Montana at Pedro's across from the park an hour before the game. This was never in doubt but I still can't believe how they pulled this one out. This is something special, lucky to be a Giants fan!

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  7. I don't even want to hear fluke again!

  8. Hats off to Bochy and Sabean as they are they reason for us being back. For all they fuss Bochy gets from people about not trusting young guys at first, the one thing he is is a great tactical manager and manager of bullpen and that shines huge in playoffs, its why Dusty might never get a ring. And Sabean, won in 2010 with a patchwork offense and bullpen, then tears down the offense keeps the pitching together and is still competitive and comes back 2 years later with a new offense and another trip to the fall classic. Hats off!

  9. How about that, Affeldt with 8.1 IP of shutout ball, Lopez 3.0 IP, that's why we kept them around and not that loser Beltran. Don't matter if you have the best hitter in playoff history, you win with pitching and shutting down the other team with a stellar proven bullpen, you can't get a better performance from cheaper free agents.

    Belt looked good in this series. 7 for 23, .304/.360/.565/.925 with a double, triple, HR, 6 runs scored, 2 RBI. Hopefully he, Scutaro, and Sandoval can continue their hot streak, and one of Posey or Pence start hitting too, Pagan too.

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  11. Hey, thanks to everybody for following the blog and for following the live blog and contributing great comments.

    Go Giants!!