Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Game Wrap 8/9/2016: Marlins 2 Giants 0

The Giants offense went back to sleep mustering just 3 hits against Tom Koehler and the Marlins bullpen to wastes a QS by Matt Moore.  Key Lines:

Matt Moore- 6 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 5 BB, 7 K's.   ERA= 3.99.  The Marlins scored both of their runs in the first inning when they got 2 of their 3 hits off Moore including a broken bat RBI double by Giancarlo Stanton.  After that, Moore was again effectively wild.  He allowed 33 BB's in 109 IP in the first half of the season for a 2.70 BB/9.  Since the All-Star Break he has allowed 18 BB's in 33 IP including 11 in 12 IP in his two starts with the Giants.  The other side of that coin is he has 14 K's in those same 12 IP so the strikeout stuff is still there.


The Dodgers pounded the Phillies 9-3 so the Giants fall into a first place tie with their NL West rivals.


Jeff Samardzija tries to get himself and the team back on the winning track today facing David Phelps.


  1. The scary thing about the Dodgers is Dave Roberts -- he plays his pitching depleted cards better than should be expected. Having used 28 pitchers thus far and 10 currently on the DL, what will he do when the rosters go to 40? He may use 10 guys a game.

  2. tale of two seasons. i still believe that the trades the giants made had to be made, but this is looking more and more like what happened after the trade for beltran when all the life was sucked out of the team. very disheartening
    moore's stuff is there...but i think he wont regain his control till next season

    1. Something sucked the life out of the team at the All-Star Break. The trades don't seem to have helped much though.

    2. I think the All-Star break hurt the team's momentum; combined with Cueto's up-and-down past month and Shark's horrendous streak of starts, we have the Giants' second half free fall.

      What is really scary is how the 2016 Giants are mirroring the 2014 A's.