Monday, June 4, 2018

Giants 2018 Draft Review: Day 1

The Giants somewhat uncharacteristically telegraphed their top 2 picks in the draft and landed their targets in a drama free Day 1.

Round 1, Pick 2:  Joey Bart C, College(Georgia Tech).  6'2", 220 lbs., B-R, T-R.  2016:  .299/.351/.382, 10 2B, HR, 8 BB, 34 K, 157 AB.  2017:  .296/.370/.575, 13 2B, 13 HR, 16 BB, 50 K, 186 AB.  2018:  .359/.471/.632, 12 2B, 16 HR, 41 BB, 56 K, 220 AB.  Bart came into his junior season looking like a fair defensive catcher with some power, but a guy who would strike out a lot and hit for a low BA.  He showed substantial improvement on both defense and walk rate although the K rate is still up there.  He caught serious helium from about the midpoint of the college season on and the Giants showed their interest early with a heavy scouting regimen.  What finally convince me Bart was the guy was a short video posted by Covechatter showing a batting stance that looks a lot like Justin Turner and Mac Williamson.  It's probably just a fad but it sure seems to be working!  Love the pick.  The top of this draft lacked a true slam-dunk talent.  Bart was the safest bet with the highest ceiling.  Nice pick.

Round 2, Pick 45:  Sean Hjelle, RHP, College(Kentucky).  6'11", 200 lbs.  2016:  4-1, 3.74, 21.2 IP 11 BB, 29 K.  2017:  11-4, 3.89, 108.2 IP, 33 BB, 102 K.   2018:  7-5, 3.44, 99 IP, 22 BB, 91 K.  Well, the Giants like tall pitchers and they sure got a tall one with their 2'nd round draft pick.  Sean Hjelle is a beanpole of a pitcher.  If he makes it to the majors he'll be tied with Jon Rauch for tallest player in MLB history.  Hjelle has pitched well for Kentucky in a tough conference.  He is quite athletic and able to repeat his delivery better than most tall pitchers.  He sports a low 90's FB that plays up due to his ability to extend toward the plate and steep downward plane.  He mixes in 3 other solid pitches with command of all.  I am not sure how much he can add to his frame, which is very thin.  If he can, he could get stronger and gain velocity.  As is, he is likely to be a 4/5 SP in the majors.  Again, nice pick with combination of upside and high floor.


  1. Doc, you think your guy Kumar is a lost cause at this point?

    I wouldn’t think Bart is open to an underslot, even if Hjelle is. Too little $$$ left for Rocker?

    When does someone take a flyer on the guy? Any chance he doesn’t go to Vandy at this point?

    1. I'll be shocked if Kumar Rocker does not go to college.

    2. I think both Bart will likely sign for close to slot. No more than $500 K either way. Hjelle to. Probably a variance of no more than $200 K with him.

      The Giants usually play it fairly straight with slot money and there is no reason to think these picks are any different. IMO, that's the right approach. Take the guy you like and offer/pay slot. If it's a HS kid who is that set on college, let him go. As for going overslot later in he draft, ask yourself how many signable players down there are good enough that you would be willing to P.O. your first rounder to land them? Or even more, to take a lesser player than the best available?

  2. I liked hearing Dan odowd of mlb network say he thinks Bart will have the most impact when he makes it to the big leagues. Can't believe that Sean Hjelle is 6'11". I was happy to read a lot of positive comments on the internet about Sean Hjellie too.Day 2 should be very interesting. It sounds like both players were linked to the Giants so they were players that the Giants were interested in, and wanted