Friday, June 8, 2018

Blogger's Note

Gotta leave early tomorrow morning to go to a 2 day conference in Salt Lake City.  Back Sunday evening when I will try to put in a post or two.

Feel free to post comments about the games for today and tomorrow and for standout performances in the minors.  I can still moderate comments from my phone and post them throughout the day.


  1. Saturday:

    D-Rod gives up 5. Some was bad luck. One run came in off a ground ball that got by Hansen. I think Crawford stops that but Crawford is a GG SS and Hanson is, well, not that great with the leather. Two runs came in when McCutchen took a poor route (came in too shallow) off a poor jump turning a makeable out into a double. So between those two, that was three runs in that I felt had a large defense failure component. Others may disagree, but that's how I saw it.

    Still, D-Rod was not sharp (3 Walks, 6 hits in total) so I'm not exactly absolving/excusing him. Rather, I think the defense behind him was also very culpable in some of those hits an three of those five runs but he was clearly not sharp and getting himself into trouble.

    Blach: Served a big fat hanging CB to Harper. 437 feet later it was in the stands. You should have seen the grimace on Blach's face when it launched. He knew it was long gone. Other than that was solid enough in his 3.1 innings of relief that I have no complaints.

    Hunley: Great day. Three run HR. RBI double.

    Frustrating part: The Giants hit well. They had many opportunities to win the game and clawed back into it twice. There's nothing I'd really pin on the offense. They just couldn't over-come some shakey pitching and defense.

  2. Minors:

    Jalen Miller: He hit his 7th HR at San Jose. That's more than all of A-ball last year. He's also hitting .305.
    Steven Duggar: His hitting is now a 9-game streak and has hit .375 over the last 10 games raising his avg. to .277.
    Austin Slater: Has 20 doubles in 188 ABs at Sacramento and is hitting .366 (.395 over the last 10).
    Jonah Arenado: Came off the disabled/XST back to Richmond. Two singles, raised his avg. to .212 in a rain-shortened 7-inning game.
    Aramis Garcia: Got a hit and has hit .244 over his last 10 games raising his average to .200. Hopefully he gets that bat back on track.

    1. Thank you Moses!! Good stuff, loving Jalen Miller's season right now, so many pieces coming together, and still early in his young career!

  3. Giants need to make hay over the next few weeks. After today's game agoing the Nationals and Max Scherzer, they play 11 of the next 14 against the Marlins and Padres. A 3 game series against the Dodgers are the other 3 games and they need to beat the Dodgers while their starting is beat up. Hope to see their hitting stay alive.
    What do you think-play Nick Hundley more with Posey at 1st base?

  4. FWIW: A very good U Florida destroyed the #1 pick with 6 runs, 7 hits, and 4 walks in 5 innings. Mize struck out 5 (27 BF). Singer's line: 6.2 innings, 9 Ks (28 BF), 4 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks.
    Auburn needs to win twice to make the CWS, Florida just once.
    This game was a chance to make it hard for Florida but the Gators are pretty good even against colleges "best" pitcher.
    The second college pitcher taken (by Seattle ahead of Singer) Stetson's Logan Gilbert was beaten by UNC: 5.1 IP 6 H 4 ER 6 K.

  5. Slater continues his terrific hitting in a loss against Col Spgs (RF) at home: 2-4 (2B), L3 6-14 .429, L10 14-38 .395 -- he's 3rd in BA in PCL (.366), 1st in OBP (.447), 3rd in OPS (1.037), 4th in SLG (.590), 2nd in 2B, and stolen 8 bases in 9 attempts.
    Maybe he sez: what else can I do?

  6. Fox Sports reports the Giants are $2 million over the luxury tax threshold according to Cot's Contracts and have to get under by the measurement date. They out-righted Gearrin last week to save a million, but nobody picked him up off waivers so they kept him. The Giants need to make some hard, salary-dump choices.

    Sunday: Giants win the Series against the Nationals.

    Crawford: Giants win 2-0 behind the Brandon Crawford show. Four hits - single, 2x doubles & 2-run HR raising his BA to .338 (4th in the NL). The Giants, btw, had only 5 hits all game as the Washington pitching was outstanding. Crawford also made quite a few outstanding defensive plays.

    Sandoval: Drew two walks, one of which lead to a run on Crawford's HR. Sandoval is hitting .282.

    Holland: He rescued himself from a 2-on, nobody out situation in the 2nd. Then in the 3rd he picked off Turner at 1B to end that inning. He really held up against Scherzer who was dealing (except against Crawford). He only gave up 3 hits.

    Middle-Relievers: Didn't give up a hit though Dyson & Melancon both walked a batter.

    Strickland: Really shut-down the Nationals in the 9th. I think he threw 9 pitches in total and saved the win by striking out Matt Adams with three pitches including a nasty slider that low and away by a good 6".

    1. Great win against one of the best pitchers in baseball. Austin Jackson seems like a good salary dump canidate.

    2. Can't dump a salary unless someone will pay it! There is none chance of that unless Giants sent someone of value along and didn't get any "costs" back.
      If SF goes over the tax by Jackson's salary, that makes what was a bad signing even worse. Hard to believe.

  7. SJ Giants: 16-5 explosion against the Modesto Nuts

    Brusa hits three home runs to tie a SJ single-game record. Also finished with 6 RBI's.
    Van Horn 3 hits, including a home run.
    Miller 4 hits.
    Quinn 2-for-4 in his return from the DL.
    B. Johnson 2-for-6. Hopefully this breaks him out of his sub .200 slump.
    Fabian 3-for-6. Like Johnson, hopefully this breaks him out of his .100 slump.

    Sacramento: Won 3-to-2 over the Nuts.

    Duggar: 3 doubles and a walk-off single that would have been a double had the run not scored.
    Camarena: Control pitcher who pitched 5.1 solid innings.
    Black: 1K, no hits, no walks, gets the win with one shut-out inning.
    Jones: Ryder Jones is hitting .284 and breathing some life back into his prospect rating.

    Richmond: Lost 7-to-6 against the Senators

    Howard: Flying Squirrels SS (Round 5, 2016) went 2-for-4 and is sporting a .281 BA.
    Jordan Johnson: 5 solid innings. Five innings with 7Ks, 2 BB, 4 hits and 1 unearned run.
    Dan Slania: Blown save and his career seems to be a bit stalled.

  8. Poking around the minors stats to see if there is anyone who might help improve the bottom of the rotation this year. Not a lot to choose from. Anyone know what happened to Chris Heston? Looks like he pitched one game for Sac, landed on the DL...and that's it.

  9. Holland saved his spot -- for the moment. Samardzija "slated" to pich Thursday in Miami.
    The rotation against LA next weekend woul be Holland, Bumgarner, and Stratton.
    Had Holland faceplanted today, Blach might have gotten a spot start -- career against LAD: .217/.282/.265 -- 1 HR in 53.1 IP. Not quite Larry Jaster of 1966, but pretty good line.

    1. Jaster made 5 starts against the Dodgers in 1966 throwing 5 complete game shutouts. 45 innings of Dodger futility: .157/.204/.157

  10. Gio Brusa is killing it in SJ -- 3 HR 6 RBI game, ups his average to .272!
    He's 25 (July) -- where will he play?