Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Game Wrap 5/9/2017: Mets 6 Giants 1

The Giants started the evening by announcing that Closer Mark Melancon was being placed on the 10-day DL with a pronator muscle strain.  They finished it on the wrong end of another lopsided loss.  Key Lines:

Buster Posey C- 1 for 4, HR, BB.  BA= .362.  Second HR in as many games for Buster.  If the power maintains, he may be on the way to a MVP caliber campaign despite the Giants abysmal record.

Christian Arroyo SS- 0 for 2, 2 BB.  BA= .228.  Arroyo's learning curve continues with 2 BB's.

Jeff Samardzija RHP- 7 IP, 10 H, 6 R, 0 BB, 9 K's.  ERA= 5.44.  Take out the first inning in which he got torched, Samardzija had a dominant start.  The problem with Shark is that scenario happens way too often.


The Giants 5'th consecutive loss dropped them 10 games behind the Rockies in the NL West. When you look at the Wild Card situation it is not much better as they trail by 7.5 games.


Matt Cain will try to bounce back from his disastrous start in Cincinnati and break the Giants 5 game losing streak.


The Giants did not fill Melancon's roster spot today.  Chris Haft says they will make a move to fill it tomorrow.


  1. After 34 games Giants have the worst record in MLB so far this season. After looking at team statistics you can see why. They have the least runs scored in the NL with 106, which is almost half of what the Nationals have scored. The 4th least amount of extra base hits in MLB, to go along with the least amount of home runs. They have the 4th worst batting average (.224), the 3rd worst OBP (.286), and the worst SLG percentage in MLB (.338). Only the Reds starting pitchers have a worse ERA than the Giants starters (5.04), and they just smoked the Giants. The Giants bullpen has the 4th worst ERA in the NL (4.42) and in the bottom 10 in MLB. At the beginning of the season I drank the Kool-Aid and would have never thought that it would have been so bad. Injuries and too much faith in certain players abilities made me think the Giants actually were contenders. Losing that bad to the Reds was an eye-opener, but the Mets are a mess right now and the Giants should be winning these games. Looking at this season so far and you have to say this is hot garbage.

  2. I no longer ask myself can it get any worse?

  3. I'm not too terribly happy with how they're managing the roster:

    1. Call up Mac and give him some regular playing time in RF. Nunez, Marrero, Stubbs & Hernandez have a combined WAR of -2.0. In the small amount of inconsistent, mostly bench, time he got last year he gave us +0.5 WAR in his 127 ABs. And he was plus defender in RF, something I'm not seeing out of those guys. With Hernandez, of all people, putting up the worst defensive metrics.

    But even if Mac doesn't hit terribly well, our OF defense, from what I've read, is among the very worst in MLB. And since most of our pitchers, at least this year, are flyball pitchers... A defensive upgrade in the OF would go a long way to stop the bleeding.

    2. Trade Nunez while he still has some value. Because, ...

    3. Arroyo should be the everyday third-baseman. The kid's got glove. I'm hopeful that he'll, sooner or later, start hitting like we think he can.

    4. Trade Pence to a winner while he still has value. Mac will be taking his place in RF. And it'll give Pence another shot at a ring. Something I'd like to see for his benefit because he's been such a great Giant.

    5. Call up Slater from AAA and platoon him with Morse until he's proven he can (then start him) or can't (and ship him back to AAA). Also, put Slater in as a defensive replacement for Morse. He couldn't possibly be worse than Morse in the field. And Morse, as bad as he is, isn't even the worst OFer (defensively) this year.

    6. Beede or Gregario. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Ty Blach whom I think is better suited to long relief.

    1. In AA Shaw and Heathcott starting to hit. Call em up. Pence will forever be a fan favorite - but agree would be favor to him to trade him.

    2. I like Ty Blach, and I think he's going to show some staying power - starting TONIGHT (?!?!!! Let's Go!) Just don't pitch him in Coors...or Great American....

      Beede needs to string together a dominant string. Then, it's time for long relief so he can step in for an injury/Cain's ultimate demise, if it comes to that.. Until then, he needs some final seasoning at AAA - if you can't succeed there, you're not yet ready for the Bigs.

  4. DrB,
    Never been super into the draft prospect lists because I have always felt like the Giants will be drafting in the mid to high 20s anyways, so no use speculating. After this disastrous start, it's time for me to start reading draft lists... Even with a slight uptick, looks like the Giants will be drafting in the Top 10 next year. Not sure who the prospects are, but if there's a Bryce Harper/Stephen Strausburg/Buster Posey-esque prospect, maybe the tank should be on at this point...

    I'd love to see Crick some in. His wildness is totally in play as a reliever. With his stuff and an occasional wild hair, I think he can turn himself into a great late inning arm. As for all these trade scenarios, it totally depends on what we could get. I'd wait until later in the season to dangle Pence - for a contender in need of an OF, he could be worth a top tier prospect. As for Nunez, he has never struck me as "Giant material." It's something about his demeanor, like he's not all-in as a team guy.

    Andy in OC