Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Game Wrap 8/6/204: Giants 7 Brewers 4

The Giants mounted a sustained offensive attack led by Joe Panik and Pablo Sandoval, and Ryan Vogelsong was the beneficiary of some BABIP luck for a change as the Giants evened the series against the BrewCrew.  Key Lines:

Joe Panik- 3 for 5.  BA= .261.  Panik is now 8 for his last 14 AB over 3 games.  He made the 3 run first inning possible, not just with his basehit, but also with a major league takeout slide of Brewers 2B Scooter Gennett on what turned out to be a force out.  Had the DP been completed, and it likely would have with Posey doing the running to 1B,  the Giants would have scored at most 1 run with Belt's K being the final out of the inning.  Instead, Morse came up with 2 outs and drove in 2 runs with a broken bat single up the middle.  I think we may be seeing Panik take control of the 2B position right in front of our eyes!

Pablo Sandoval- 3 for 5, HR(14).  BA= .285.  Sandoval is on fire!  He's hitting .350 over his last 10 games, .400 in 6 August games, .317 since the first of May and .338 since the All-Star game.  Yeah, Pabs is gonna get PAID this offseason!

Michael Morse- 2 for 4.  BA= .273.  Morse must have gotten his head clear during his 2 games off.

Brandon Belt- 0 for 5, 4 K's.  BA= .237.  Rough day for Belt.

Ryan Vogelsong- 6 IP, 7 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 3 K's.  ERA= 3.77.  Vogey had to wait through a long top of the first inning and actually ended the frame on a boneheaded play where he thought Crawford was out at 2B on a force play, but the ump signaled Safe.  Vogey was then thrown out at 1B because he had stopped running.  Vogey, who has come out on the short end of more than his share of BABIP'ings, was a big beneficiary tonight as 6 of the outs he recorded were on line drives the found the gloves of Giants defenders.

The Win kept the Giants 2.5 games behind the Dodgers in the NL West as the Hated Ones edged the Angels in Game 3 of the Freeway Series 2-1.  The Giants also gained a game on the Cardinals in the race for the first Wild Card playoff and now lead them by 1 game after the Cards lost to the Red Sox 2-1.  The Pirates topped the Marlins 7-3 and remain 1.5 games behind the Giants.  Atlanta lost again to the Mariners 7-3 and are 4 games off the Giants pace.

Jake Peavy tries for his first Win as a Giant and for a series win tomorrow facing Wily Peralta.


  1. It would be a big development if Panik takes the 2nd base job due to the big chunk of payroll already committed to 2015. I remember those Carlos Gomez for Jonathon Sanchez trade rumors a few years ago. Despite Gomez developing into a good player, it's ok that the giants kept Sanchez due to his major contribution to the 2010 WS team.


  2. The Giants used sparkplugs in 2010 & 2012 who were instrumental in what the Giants achieved. Okay, Panik, your turn. Freddie and Scutaro seemed like centerpieces in those runs for the Rings.

    It would seem that the Giants mid fielders are somewhat better than estimated...Adrianza was doing pretty decent till the DL. Duffy, needs a tad more seasoning and Blake Miller making noise.
    Hembree active with the BoSox ... Maybe this farm system isn't as gloom as so many people have posted...


  3. Pence Signs...the new fad (even in Milwaukee)



  4. nice to see belt back in form

    giants are doing now what they were loathe to do in the past....give the kids a shot, even during a pennant race...nice to see panik coming into his own

    bit concerned about the pen, but always an ez fix

    thanks to the hunter pence meme, found out that hunter is dating a hot greek geek who works for ign....the smarter ball players all date and marry brunettes

    gotta thank those mets fans for creating something really fun for the dog days


    1. I googled Hunter Pence Girlfriend and easily found the names of at least 5, most of the blonde. What makes you think he's going to marry this one?

    2. cuz she is greek, a geek and has a real gig. the blondes were all for practice

      and he sees how happy vogey is with a brunette

      you just watch


  5. Sabean: We don't have to panic into trading for a 2B. We already have mojo there.

  6. I would like to claim complete credit for this! Seriously, I am very happy that Panik is taking charge and we didn't trade for someone. We have too many other holes to fill next year, and I think the constant tempation to trade at the deadline sometimes becomes trade to trade. I personally don't begrudge the Beltran trade one iota--that was one guy, one hole and a window of opportunity. But sometimes, you need to take a breadth.

    We get Pagan back. Belt will add a lot of value as a big stick in the line up. I'm hoping Morse gets the ultimate benefit of both (and think he will). I actually think Peavy is a huge move --he's pitched solid since we got him and he shores up the 3/4 position. If we can get QS from Timmy, Vogey and Peavy, and have Bumgarner and Hudson to really dominate, I think we can still win the division. Romo being effective as a set up guy is very helpful too.

    I will say, though, I'm concerned about next year. I don't see Morse as a long term solution and I don't see anyone coming up at 3B unless Duffy can move there (and with Crawford somewhat regressing, I'm worried about SS too, although EA may alleviate that down the road). I think pitching we can resolve--short term for Peavy, Cain comes back, the kids move up and are ready by mid season if Peavy or Timmy falter. But we are not going to spend huge money for both an OF and 3b. I guess Parker may be the answer in OF, but he is unproven.

  7. Welcome to the roller coaster of the regular season.
    Dr. B, I am willing to take a MMSE or an IQ test to prove that I have at least average intelligence for a MLB (or Giants) fan.
    It is interesting to see the ebb and flow of Giants interest in Murphy or (fill in your favorite 2B here) depending on the mojo of the team.
    I appreciate the passion for GIants baseball, wouldn't want to trade it for anything. However, objectively I hope we don't go reaching for any quick fixes at this point.
    Perhaps we are addicted to winning?

  8. Belt out today with headaches. He's had days like before, but I wonder if he came back from the concussion too soon.