Saturday, August 2, 2014

Game Wrap 8/1/2014: Giants 5 Mets 1

The much maligned bottom of the batting order started 2 rallies and Ryan Vogelsong pitched the first 9 inning complete game of the year for a much needed win to start the 10 game road trip and the Dog Days of August.  Key Lines:

Hunter Pence- 1 for 4, 3B, BB.  BA= .288.  Pence drove in a run in the 2'nd on a ground out, then two more in the 7'th on a triple that split the gap in right-center.  He scored that final run on Matt Duffy's first MLB hit.

Matt Duffy- l for 4, HBP.  BA= .250.  Duffy's first MLB hit was a Texas Leaguer to LF, but it drove in  the final run.  His family was watching from the stands and let's just say, I don't think the Duffster is going to be filling out a whole lot more as he gets older.  Now, I have just one more thing to say:  Matt Duffy!

Brandon Crawford= 3 for 4, 3B.  BA= .240.  Crawford continues to hit much better against LHP's.  I guess he'll have to spend the winter hitting against RHP's?

Ryan Vogelsong- 9 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 5 K's.  ERA= 3.74.  It was Vogey's first MLB 9 inning CG.  His BABIP for this game was .048 so maybe he got lucky.  If you delve further into the BABIP, though, his LD% was 9.1, his lowest of the season and his IFFB% was 36.4 by far his highest.  Basically, the stats prove that he was able to induce weaker contact than in an average game.  He did this by converting line drives into pop ups.  You have to think that there was probably something about his FB location and/or movement that caused this as opposed to random luck of the ball off the bat.  I'm not an expert in reading Pitchfx data, but it looks to me like, if anything, he had less movement on his pitches than average in this game, but he threw significantly more FB's up in the zone than on average.

The Win enable the Giants to gain a game on the NL West leading Dodgers who dropped an 8-2 decision to the Cubs.  The Dodgers lead is now 2.5 games.  The Giants now have a 0.5 game lead for the first Wild Card playoff spot over the Braves and a 1.5 game lead for the second slot over the Pirates and Cardinals.

Jake Peavy makes his second start for the Giants today facing Jake DeGrom who has 4 QS in a row and 6 in his last 7.

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