Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lon Simmons RIP

I am sad to learn of the passing of Lon Simmons, long time and Hall of Fame Giants radio broadcaster at age 91.  My earliest memories of baseball are of listening to Giants games on KSFO radio.  I can still hear the opening of the Bye Bye Baby song and then "How're you doing everybody?  This is Russ Hodges along with Lon Simmons and Bill Thompson…."  Russ certainly brought a sense of excitement to the game, but his voice was higher pitched and was a bit harsh sounding to my young ear.  I preferred the lower pitched tones and dry sense of humor that Lon brought to the broadcast and always looked forward to the innings he called.  I started listening to 49'er games on the radio because of him too.  Lon also had an evening sports news show on KSFO that was the most in-depth sports news show on radio.  I LOVED that show!  Giants fans have been blessed to be able to listen to a lot of great broadcasters, but none have been greater than Lon Simmons.  While I am saddened by his passing, I feel like he was blessed to live such a long life and be loved by so many people.  It makes me feel particularly good that he got to witness the Giants success of the last 5 years.  RIP.


  1. Sad to hear about Lon Simmons passing. I remember being one excited teen listening to Lon's call of Mike Ivie's grand slam against the Bums! RIP.


  2. A couple of years ago Ann Killion described Simmons's voice emanating from the radio in those days as "the voice of God" -- the best description I've heard. A jovial God, I would add.

    Also superb on the Niners' broadcasts -- I can still hear "... Brodie ... going long for Washington!" like a symphony in my ear.


  3. Amen, to everything you've all said. Lon's voice was perfect for his job. I vividly remember that same intro, DrB. Great memories!