Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hot Tip: Giants First Round Draft Pick?

Another shout out to Covechatter who thinks he has found a likely possibility for the Giants first round draft pick, #18 overall.  Andrew Benintendi is a college OF for Arkansas who is tearing up the NCAA this season.  Covechatter's blog is linked to the left.  Go check it out for yourself and see what you think.  I think he might be onto something.


  1. Thanks DrB! #BenniBomb has become a term used frequently in Arkansas this spring. He's hitting well over .350, has spent considerable time hitting leadoff in his short college career... decorated prep athlete in Ohio... Pacing the country in homeruns... Walks more than he K's... Undersized, grinder rep... Speedster who covers TONS of ground in CF.... Maybe most importantly, he seems to have a humble, grounded approach to the game. He screams Giants to me.

    I'm hoping to get another Benintendi post up soon. Thanks for the plug.

  2. Benintendi is having a great year and will make a team better. I think he's a great fit at 31, there is a good amount of depth this year vs. top end talent. Reminds me of James Ramsey a little bit.