Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Game Wrap 4/29/2015: Dodgers 7 Giants 3

Ryan Vogelsong was shelled.  End of story!  Key Lines:

Brandon Belt- 2 for 4.  BA= .235.  Belt showing signs of coming around.  Not much power, though.  The Giants don't have him in the lineup to hit singles!

Brandon Crawford- 2 for 4, 2B, HR(4).  BA= .235.  Crawford is doing what Belt is supposed to do, and out of the 8-hole.

Ryan Vogelsong- 3 IP, 5 H, 6 R, 1 BB, 2 K's, 4 HR allowed.  ERA= 9.31.  Vogey was coming off a pretty good start his last outing.  No way to sugarcoat this one.  No BABIPing here!  You can't keep the ball in the yard, and you are going to hit the showers early.  Gotta wonder if there is any role for Vogey on this team anymore, although I am sure he still has some rope to work with.  Maybe not a lot though.

The Loss dropped the Giants to 4.5 games behind the NL West leading Dodgers.

The Giants get tomorrow off before starting a weekend interleague series against the Angels.


  1. i was at the game, thanks to my bro who scored great seats behind the giants dugout from a clent

    my thoughts

    first on the latrine experience

    the new regime really has created a much better experience

    for the first time that i can recall, i had no problem getting into the park....i left at 530 from midtown and was the park at 6...

    they have totally redone many parts of the park, including the left field mezzanine area, which use to simply house the has both an indoor and outdoor bar area and is well lit....that was the exit where stow was assaulted

    much more of an lapd presence and security are dressed as security

    they are doing more between innings to entertain the crowds and focusing on kids...which is good

    overall, the crowd was on very good behavior and shockingly, when they tried to do the wave, it died a quick death

    onto the game

    vogey had nothing. his balls were all up with no movement and his breaking stuff....didnt....he hung everything....even so, thats the first time in an april game that i saw so many balls carry in that park...usually stuff dies right at the wall....not tonite
    you know its bad when you give up a dinger to rollins, who isnt hitting anything

    it was really too bad that vogey had nothing, because this was the game where the giants could have beaten greinke....they were on him from the get go, thanks to some grinding at bats by aoki...who needs to stay in the lineup and leadoff after pence returns

    craw looked great

    panik was robbed of a sure double and possibly a triple by a great ethier snow cone catch and slide

    except for his singles, belt still looks lost at the plate....he just k's way too much

    casey may have hit a double....but outside that, he looks really bad at the plate

    the main problem is the rotation....and there are no quick fixes


    1. Bacci,

      What was up with Donnie Two Times and him wanting to appeal a "vicinity" play on a DP? I was watching MLB channel last night and Harold Reynolds was all worked up over it and they were all kind of making fun of Donnie. I noticed Baggs took some shots too. I haven't seen a description of what happened though.

    2. I was there monday (with my eldest boy) and I would concur with what you say bacci. A lot better off (and a lot of Giants fans wearing colors I might add) with more security, more attention to it being an experience. Cracks me up about the wave - it died a death (after a couple rounds though) on monday as well.

      Too bad Ethier made that catch, the Giants would have been right back in it. They aren't playing well, but the ball isn't bouncing their way either.

      If Belt isn't hitting extra base hits, he really is pretty useless. Hopefully he can start driving the ball. I think McG needs to hit the DL, almost as many DPs as hits, more K's than hits. Its not a good look.

    3. Donnie Two Times is beyond annoying. between his stroll out to talk to the umps, his weird calls to the pen and appealing practically everything (has he won a challenge yet?) he is #1 most annoying in baseball. Luckily he ain't much of a tactician, when it comes to brass tacks he'll be found lacking.

    4. i apologize, was that the dp induced by kontos, because i only caught the action out of the corner of my eye, as i was going to buy a bottle of water.....warm....for 6 bux...i was parched

      forgot to relate the funniest/saddest/most infuriating event of the night....happened as i entered the stadium

      went in through the club level and fat tommy was the greeter....kind of

      in front of me was a dodgers fan, who honestly asked him if he was tommy lasorda....and tommy replied, rather nastily...."no, im his brother"

      this event was made even more hilarious when they played a video showing how great of an ambassador of baseball the fat man is

      know how many people that fat man scammed into buying slim fast?


    5. No, I think the DP Donnie came out on was Crawford-Panik-Belt.

  2. I feel bad for Vogey because he is such a fighter but if the Giants had any other option, you have to believe he wouldn't sniff another start. Even when Cain comes back they are going to need another starter and I wonder if a guy like Hamels starts to make any sense. The Giants seem to have some spare parts to deal from in the form of prospects and they would get Cole for more than a year. If it is not him, it will be somebody, they just need another reliable starter too bad not to do something.

    Billy Baseball

    1. Rumors here in St. Louis indicate the Cardinals are chasing Hamels now that Wainright is done for the season. But they're still just rumors.

      As for Vogey staying in the rotation, according to Pavlovic, Bochy feels like he has no choice in the matter. Pavs also said that Bochy was worried about the rotation all the way back to Spring Training. So there is that...

      Anyway, what will happen will happen. Not a blessed thing I can do about it. And I think the plan going into the season was 'ok,' all things considered. But having three starters shelved and two more really banged up at the beginning of the year has really put a hurt on the plan...

    2. unless the giants are really in the hunt, sabean is not gonna burn prospects for a a few month rental....

      im still trying to figure out why shields chose the friars over the giants


    3. There are too many other teams who can offer packages of higher ranked prospects for the Giants to have any chance of landing Hamels, even if they wanted to.

      As for Shields to the Friars, the Giants offer came earlier in the offseason when Shields thought he could get a better deal. By the time he signed with SD, the Giants had pulled their offer and moved on. Seems like maybe both the Giants and Shields may have miscalculated a bit there.

    4. Hamels' contract if I am not mistaken will cost like $23.5 M a year which is pretty expensive for an arm plus we don't have a really great amount of prospects that the great RAJ will even take a look to. It's going to be the Cards, the Cubs, or the Red Sox and sad to day, the Dodgers are the teams that enough $$$ and prospects to make a deal with RAJ.