Saturday, April 4, 2015

2014 Season Preview: NL East Predictions.

The balance of power in this division has turned 180 degrees over the past 2 seasons. 

1.  Washington Nationals-  They have some injury issues, but enviable depth should minimize the impact.  They also have one heckuva starting pitching staff, although the bullpen is a bit questionable.

2.  New York Mets- Matt Harvey is back and Noah Syndergaard is waiting to get called up.  It's not the Nationals rotation, but it is really good.  David Wright finally looks healthy.  We'll see if he holds up all season.  Catcher Travis D'Arnaud is a breakout candidate.

3.  Miami Marlins- The Marlins are building something.  One of the best young OF's in baseball.  Dee Gordon gives them a speed threat at the top of the order.  Michael Morse for 1B was a very nice under-the-radar pickup.  Jose Fernandez is expected back mid-season, although TJ recovery ain't what it used to be.

4.  Philadelphia Phillies- Tough to choose between Philly and ATL for last place.  They are both terrible.  Difference for 2015 is Philly still has some old warhorses hanging around while Atlanta just blew up the ship and is rebuilding from the hull up.

5.  Atlanta Braves- Not sure why you would sign Nick Markakis to a 4 year contract in the middle of blowing up the ship, but that's what they did.  This is a truly terrible team!  A few nice young arms.  That's about it.

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