Saturday, April 11, 2015

Game Wrap 4/11/2015: Padres 10 Giants 2

This game started out as a rematch of starting pitchers from the World Series, albeit one with a different team.  It ended with a blowout win for the Padres as Madison Bumgarner had one of his bad BABIP days.  As they say, though, Flags Fly Forever!  Key Lines:

Joaquin Arias- 1 for 3, HR(1).  BA= .143.  Arias entered the game because Casey McGehee pulled up lame with a reported left knee strain coming out of the Batter's Box on a flyball to CF in his first AB.  Replays of the AB did not show anything that looked awkward or out of the ordinary in terms of movement by McGehee.

Madison Bumgarner- 3 IP, 10 H, 5 R, 0 BB, 4 K's.  ERA= 5.40.  The K/BB looks fine and Bummy did not give up any dingers.  I did not see much of the first 3 innings of this one.  I am under the impression that the Padres were making pretty hard contact, but there might be some bad BABIP luck going on here too.   Bummy has had these types of games in the past and they have not meant anything.

Ryan Vogelsong- 3.2 IP, 9 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 2 K's.  ERA= 11.88.  Vogey steadied the ship for a couple of innings but then the wheels came off for him too.  The Padres accumulated 20 hits on the night.

With the Loss, the Giants record was evened at 3-3.  They continue to trail the first place Rockies, who lost to the Cubs 9-5, by 1.5 games.  The Padres also evened their record at 3-3 with the Win.  The D'Backs moved into 2'nd place with a 3-2 record after beating the Dodgers for the second straight game. Archie Bradley outpitched Clayton Kershaw in a 6-0 D'Backs win.  The Dodgers fall into last place with a 2-3 record and I really love writing that!

The Giants have to hope that Jake Peavy's back is well as he gets the start in their bid to salvage a tie in the 4-game series tomorrow afternoon.  He'll face Tyson Ross, who is certainly no pushover.


  1. Duffy was kind of exposed tonight defensively as a SS. Good thing we didn't lose EA. Crawford legs looked heavy too, maybe from all the plays of the last couple of days. Not a good day for the Gmen but you expect to have these kind of games a couple of times a year. And if Kershaw can lose a game then Madbum can too.

    Billy Baseball

    1. Yeah, I kind of noticed that about Duffy too, but I gave him a pass because the Giants are asking an awful lot from him right now. He started that game at first base, a position he had never played before.

  2. Not much to say about this game.. I do think that Cain's injury, if it keeps him out for a limited time, could be a blessing in disguise for this team. This gives them the opportunity to see what a young pitcher like Chris Heston can do.. What better time to see him pitch then in games early in the season. Mike Krukow thinks that he has the potential to step in the rotation for the next 6 years, and if he's right that would be a positive development for this team..


    1. Let's see what Heston does against a D'Backs team less than a week after they got a good look at his stuff. He does have a track record of success in the minors, as well as above average command of 4 average to above-average pitches. There are a lot of pitchers who have made a lot of money in MLB with less to work with. Kevin Correia would be one example that comes to mind. Hard to believe he's made $22 M so far in his MLB career!

    2. With the putting on weight, I think Heston has done what he's needed to turn himself from a marginal/journeyman back-end-of-rotation prospect to a legit pitching prospect that projects to a solid career. His sinker, his best pitch, is sitting at 91MPH. And while that's not elite, it's enough and keeps him out of the dreaded 'tweener' category.

      Anyway, we'll see. I could be guilty of wishful thinking.

  3. As predicted here, Adrianza did not get snapped up by another team while on waivers, and he will be in Sacramento. The Giants seem to have had a very good idea of how much, or how little risk they were taking when they DFAd him at the start of the season.

  4. Bumgarner's BABIP, season-to-date, is .444 and 10 of the 16 hits he's given up in his two starts came in his 3 innings of work last night. My understanding is that somewhere around .300 is the statistical mean. Last year his BABIP was .296 and his career BABIP is .293. So, yeah, there was some huge 'bad-luck' (though, really, it's not luck, just normal variation) BAPIP last night. It's baseball.

    I'd worry a little (not a lot) about it if it were Peavy (dead aarm, injury-prone anymore), Cain (injuries, still a question mark) or Lincecum (has been wildly erratic for years) that got shelled like that.

    But Bumgarner... Nope. He's just a rock of consistency and sometimes, in baseball, the bear gets you...