Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 Season Preview: AL West Predictions

The AL West should once again have a competitive top 3 and a terrible bottom 2:

1.  Seattle Mariners-  Since Taijuan Walker won the 5'th starter job, the Mariners have the best rotation, top to bottom in the AL West and just enough hitting and defense to take the division.  Nice worst to first story and they did it the old fashioned way.

2.  LA Angels of Anaheim- Mike Trout is the best player in baseball by a fair margin.  Albert Pujols still has a season or two left in the tank.  CJ Cron is an up and coming masher and can DH in the AL.  The pitching might not be quite up to the pace set by the Mariners, though.

3.  Oakland A's- Billy Beane may have put together a pretty good team here, but the pitching does not look like playoff caliber.

4.  Houston Astros- The Astros are building and will be improved, but are still a couple of years away.

5.  Texas Rangers- Rangers have some interesting position players, but the pitching is an absolute shambles with no help in sight.

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  1. DrB,

    Agree with your assessment of the Mariners taking the Division and making the playoffs. Lloyd McClendon should not be discounted as an up and coming manager, methinks.

    Safeco Field the future home for Timmah & Hanchez? We'll see.