Sunday, June 1, 2014

Scouting the Draft: Round 2 Draft Board

The Giants should have their choice of several very nice prospects including several high upside pitchers with their second round pick, #52 overall in this weeks amateur draft.  Here's a rundown on who might/should be available at that pick:

Scott Blewitt, RHP, HS- 6'6', 235 lbs monster with a big FB that hits 96 MPH.  Borderline to be available at #52.

Carson Sands, LHP, HS- 6'3", 205 lbs.  92 MPH FB with some room for projection and solid secondary stuff.

Mac Marshall, LHP, HS- 6'2", 200 lbs.  92 MPH FB with some polish.

Garrett Fulincheck, RHP, HS- Don't know much about this guy but has his admirers.

Keith Weisenberg, RHP, HS- Cove Chatter found this kid.  6'4", 190 with oodles of projectability.  He's from Florida with a Stanford commitment, but the Giants have experience with buying those out.

Andrew Suarez, LHP, Miami(college)- Big junior season for this big LHP.  Pitched great in the opening round of the college playoffs.

If the Giants take a hitter in round 1, they will likely be looking for pitching in round 2, but there are some intriguing position players that would be hard to pass on:

Milton Ramos, SS, HS- slick fielder, maybe the best in the draft.  Bat is iffy.

Josh Morgan, SS, HS- probably more projectable as a hitter than Ramos but might not stick at SS.  Committed to UCLA.

Aramis Garcia, C, FIU- Solid college catcher both at the plate and behind it.

Blewitt would be the guy I'd be ecstatic about here.  Merely happy with the others listed.


  1. Pretty sound list DrB. Blewett is a physical specimen, but I'd also be surprised if he's around in the 2nd round. I would be very excited about a Carson Sands, Fulencheck, or Weisenberg pick. We took Jack Flaherty in the 2nd round of the Minor League Ball mock draft yesterday. There's another athletic, SoCal stud (Maxpreps POY as a junior), UNC commit, and a great baseball name in general. Lots of guys I'd be happy with here, especially the arms. That is why I, like you, believe they'll be calling a hitter's name at pick 14 on Thursday.

    Unless of course Mr Holmes is available, then I'm making that pick in a hurry...

    1. I discussed Mr. Holmes in the comments section of the Mock Draft post. I am not in love with his delivery which appears to me to be all arm and very stressful at that. Go look up video of him from a side view.

    2. I have read a few reports commenting on his delivery/use of upper body. Don't you think that's something the Giants could help him fix? I really can't comment on it much more than that, as I don't know enough about the human body. There may not be a perfect pitcher out there, but Holmes sure gets a ton of mention as one of the top prep arms in a class with many good ones. I would guess that the Giants (and others) will shy away from him if they don't like the mechanics. To me, he's a top 10 pick, so if he slides to 14, I'd be happy to take him.

    3. Both Holmes and Touki have some "all arm" in their delivery. But I'd trust the Giants to get the body all square up. You just can't teach 70 fastballs.

    4. As we have discussed in the past, the Giants do a good job of getting their drafted pitchers to the majors, but I believe it's at least 60-40 scouting vs development.

  2. Jacob Lindgren the lefty from Miss St could be a big contender in the 2nd. Great strikeout rates, big time movement on his pitches, he had velocity gain from moving to the pen. Pretty fresh arm.

    Its unclear what the deal is with Blewitt's injury issues, its definitely stalled his helium. If the Giants popped him, I'd have to trust that its all OK.

    1. I had not heard about Blewitt's injury issues.

    2. Lindgren is someone who could possibly move up the ladder quickly, and might even be able to help as a loogy down the stretch.