Thursday, June 12, 2014

Game Wrap 6/11/2014: Nationals 6 Giants 2

Matt Cain walked the bases loaded to lead off the game and all 3 runners scored.  Much like the first two games of the series, the Giants were not able to sustain rallies against young RHP Tanner Roark(pronounced Ro-Ark).  Key Lines:

Matt Cain- 5 IP, 3 H, 4 R, 5 BB, 4 K's.  ERA= 3.84.  It looked like Cain came out nibbling, either out of respect for the Nationals' hitters or he was trying to establish the corners and Phil Cuzzi wasn't haven' it.  Very similar to Vogey's start in game 1 of the series.  He wasn't missing by much, but he kept missing.  In Vogey's case, it led to mistakes within the strike zone.  In Cain's case, it resulted in 3 walks to lead off the game.  You just can't dig yourself a hole like that against a team as good as the Nationals and expect to win.  I know the Giants have been good at coming back this year, but you can't sustain that forever.

Tanner Roark(Nationals)- 6 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 0 BB, 4 K's.  ERA= 2.92.  As in the first 3 games, the Giants got their hits off Roark, but could not string enough together to sustain rallies.  Again, Nationals pitchers have not hurt themselves with walks.  Roark does not have overpowering stuff, but commands at least 4 pitches to keep hitters off balance.

With the Loss, the Giants were unable to gain ground on the second place Dodgers who lost to the Reds 6-0 and are 7.5 games behind.  The Rockies beat the Braves 8-2 and are now 11.5 games out.  The Padres and D'Backs both lost to remain 13.5 and 14 games back respectively.

Tim Hudson tries to avert a humiliating 4 game sweep in an afternoon game facing RHP Blake Treinan.  Keys to the game are Huddy pitching a shutdown first inning and the Giants getting on the scoreboard first.


  1. While I am disappointed in the series results so far, I am the eternal optomist and believe the Giants as a group will learn fro this and build on the experience. The Nats are a very good team, and would give us a real challenge for a 3rd series. That said, we're still putting the cart before the horse. It is still a long and winding road.
    Boy am I looking to see Belt back.

    Richard in Winnipeg

  2. Ryan Zimmerman is putting a hurt on us out there in LF! First 3 game losing streak since April 17-19. First homerless streak since April 15-17. The Giants have been so good we're spoiled rotten. Huddy as the stopper today for sure. These games haven't been that lopsided though, a couple of ump calls that are questionable, and some key hits for the nats and balls that didn't drop for Los Gigantes. Still, the Nats are very good with an excellent pitching staff. We are going to hit some tough stretches here and there, just have to get the wins in while it happens, avoid the June Gloom.

  3. Pretty sure Wotus missed the first game of the series, which is why the Nats kept finding holes.

    Cain couldn't have been too confident in the defense considering.

    Nats are just a very poised, hard nosed, professional team right now. We knew they'd be tough.

    1. Agree with your last line. The rest of it is a bit of a reach.