Sunday, April 9, 2017

Scouting the 2017 Draft: Adam Haseley and Shane Baz

Adam Haseley, OF, College, Virginia.  B-L, T-L.  6'1", 195 lbs.

2017:  .413/.514/.736, 7 2B, 3B, 10 HR, 8 SB, 24 BB, 12 K, 121 AB.
2016:  .304/.377/.502, 19 2B, 6 3B, 6 HR, 3 SB, 28 BB, 29 K, 247 AB.
2016 CCL:  .266/.352/.392, 7 2B, 3B, 3 HR, 6 SB, 14 BB, 34 K, 143 AB.

2017:  4-1, 3.43, 38 IP, 17 BB, 23 K.
2016:  9-3, 1.73, 78 IP, 21 BB, 48 K.

PG Metrics(2014):  6.51 60 yd dash.  91 MPH mound and OF.

Haseley is a 2-way player whose work as a position prospect is becoming dominant.  If you were a fan of Andrew Benintendi, you would also be very high on Haseley who has many of the same attributes.  He doesn't have great size, but his 5-tool athleticism is combining with rapidly developing skills to create a top of the line prospect.  Haseley is rapidly climbing draft boards.  BA currently  has him at #18, but barring injury or something else unexpected, I think he is easily a top 10 overall draftee and possibly top 5 and is challenging Jeren Kendall for top college hitter in the draft.  Yes, he can also pitch, but make no mistake, he's going as a hitter!


Shane Baz, RHP, HS.  6'3", 190 lbs.

Baz is another fireballing HS RHP from Texas with an almost perfect pitching prospect's body and a FB that already hits 95 MPH with regularity.  All the scouting reports say he is the rare HS flame-thrower who already has a highly developed mix of secondary pitches including a slider-curve combo that complement each other with good velocity separation.  On video, he has long arms and legs but with a strong frame with lots of room to fill out.  My comp is Michael Kopech.  BA has him at #23.  I think he could go higher.


DrB's Revised 2017 Draft Board:

Big news on the Draft Board as top 10 LHP Seth Romero gets suspended indefinitely by his coach at Houston for a violation of team rules.  He was suspended last year for rumored conditioning issues but was reprimanded earlier this year for a curfew violation.  College baseball coaches generally don't suspend their ace pitcher without something pretty serious behind it.  I'm going to take Romero completely off my board until this clears up.

1.  Jeren Kendall, OF, College(Vanderbilt).
2.  JB Bakauskas, RHP, College(North Carolina).
3.  Brendan McKay, LHP, College(Louisville).
4.  Adam Haseley, OF, College(Virginia).
5.  Hunter Greene, RHP, HS.
6.  Ricardo De La Torre, SS, HS.
7.  Austin Beck, OF, HS.
8.  Heliot Ramos, OF, HS.
9.  Alex Faedo, RHP, College(Florida).
10.  Royce Lewis, SS/OF, HS.
11.  Jordan Adell, OF, HS.
12.  Brady McConnell, SS, HS.
13.  Mark Vientos, SS, HS.
14.  Shane Baz, RHP, HS.
15.  Will Crowe, RHP, College(South Carolina).
16.  Brendon Little, LHP, JC(State College of Florida).
17.  Trevor Rogers, LHP, HS.
18.  Kyle Wright, RHP, College(Vanderbilt).
19.  Brewer Hicklen, OF, College(UAB).
20.  Alex Scherff, RHP, HS.
21.  Hans Crouse, RHP, HS.
22.  DL Hall, LHP, HS.
23.  Jacob Heatherly, LHP, HS.
24.  Calvin Mitchell, OF, HS.
25.  Conor Uselton, OF, HS.
26.  Garrett Mitchell, OF, HS.
27.  Keston Hiura, 2B, College(UC Irvine).
28.  Clarke Schmidt, RHP, College(South Carolina).
29.  Pavin Smith, 1B, College(Virginia).
30.  Jake Burger, 3B, College(Missouri St).
31.  Cole Brannen, OF, HS.
32.  Colton Hock, RHP, College(Stanford).
33.  Alex Lange, RHP, College(LSU).
34.  Quentin Holmes, OF, HS.
35.  Mackenzie Gore, LHP, HS.
36.  Nick Allen, SS, HS.
37.  Blayne Enlow, RHP, HS.
38.  Hagen Danner, RHP, HS.
39.  Alejandro Toral, 1B, HS.
40.  Nick Pratto, LHP/1B, HS.
41.  Corbin Martin, RHP, College(Texas A&M).
42.  Griffin Canning, RHP, College(UCLA).
43.  Tanner Houck, RHP, College(Missouri).
44.  Michael Gigliotti, OF, College(Lipscomb).
45.  Evan Skoug, C, College(TCU).
46.  Tristan Beck, RHP, College(Stanford).
47.  JJ Schwarz, C, College(Florida).

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  1. Wow! Just read some scouting reports and watched some video on Shane Baz. You are right about this kid. He looks really good. MLB Pipeline has him at #40 on their prospect watch, but that seems awfully low for what I just read and saw. He stock must be rising as the draft comes closer. I would be very happy if the Giants were able to draft him at pick #19. Either Shane Baz or Hans Crouse or Trevor Rogers.