Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Down on the Farm: Your 2017 San Jose Giants

San Jose Giants start their season this Thursday in San Bernardino.  I am out of town all this week and don't get back until Friday evening, so I am not sure if I will get to any of the 4 games of the opening series.  Here's the team:

Pitchers:  Yordy Cabrera RHP, Mike Connolly RHP, Carlos Diaz LHP, Ryan Halstead RHP, Conner Kaden RHP, Dusten Knight RHP, Matt Krook LHP, Jake McCasland RHP, Conner Menez LHP, David Owen RHP, Mark Reyes LHP, Dylan Rheault RHP, Caleb Simpson RHP, Heath Slatton RHP, Caleb Smith LHP.

Catchers:  Aramis Garcia, Matt Pare, Conner Sanabosh.

Infielders:  Jonah Arenado 1B, Michael Bernal 2B, Dillon Dobson 1B, Ryan Howard SS, Jalen Miller 2B, Jose Vizcaino 3B.

Outfielders:  Christoph Bono, Gio Brusa, Daniel Carbonell, Johneshwy Fargas, Bryan Reynolds.

Comments:  Apparently Heath Quinn is out with an injury. 

Didn't Yordy Cabrera get drafted as a hitter a few years ago? 

I'll project the SP's to be Connolly, Krook, McCasland, Menez, Slatton and possibly Reyes.

Aramis Garcia should be the main catcher.

Miller has to be the starting 2B, right?  You would not give a kid like him an aggressive promo unless you were planning on him playing everyday, right?

Dillon Dobson and Jonah Arenado will likely split 1B/DH duties with Dobson also possibly spelling Jose Vizcaino at 3B.

Seems like Reynolds, Brusa and Fargas should be the starting OF's.  Who plays CF?  I say you have to keep Reynolds there as long as you can.


  1. Can't wait to see how Garcia rebounds. There may be more to Miller than I think if he has been placed here at his age. Also will be exciting to see how Reynolds, Brusa, and Quinn perform in their first full season of A ball.

  2. Heard anything on Martin Acosta?