Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Down on the Farm: Your 2017 Richmond Flying Squirrels

Moving down to AA:

Pitchers:  Carlos Alvarado RHP, Sam Coonrod RHP, Tyler Cyr RHP, Jose Flores RHP, Matt Gage LHP, Jordan Johnson RHP, Christian Jones LHP, Matt Lujan LHP, Rodolfo Martinez RHP, Reyes Maronta RHP, Dan Slania RHP, DJ Snelton LHP, Andrew Suarez LHP, Cory Taylor RHP, Pat Young RHP.

Catchers:  Matt Winn, Adam Sonabend, Eliezer Zambrano.

Infielders:  Brandon Bednar 2B, TJ Bennett 2B, Miguel Gomez 3B, Rando Moreno SS, John Polonius SS, Chris Shaw 1B.

Outfielders:  Hunter Cole, Slade Heathcott, Tyler Horan, Ryan Lollis, Carlos Garcia.

7 potential SP's here:  Coonrod, Gage, Johnson, Lujan, Slania, Suarez, Cory Taylor.  I really want to see Slania and Taylor continue to start.

Looks like Winn is the starting C.

Starting IF looks like Shaw, Bennett, Gomez and Moreno.

In the OF, Cole and Horan will man the corners while Heathcott and Garcia share CF.

The EL will be a big test of Gomez' hit tool.


  1. I can't find anything on C.J. Hinojosa ( Or Heath Quinn.). He is not on the Richmond or San Jose roster. Did they get hurt? Hope Gomez makes good strides defensively at 3B. Also I second that thought about Slania and Taylor.

  2. I was told by Heath Slatton in SJ today that Quinn injured his wrist and is rehabbing

  3. From MLB's Mike Rosenbaum "Outfielders Steven Duggar (flexor strain) and Heath Quinn (hamate) have not yet been assigned to a full-season affiliate and will begin the season rehabbing in extended spring training. The same goes for shortstop C.J. Hinojosa (quad) and outfielder Dylan Davis (shoulder), the latter of whom spent much of the camp working at third base."

  4. I read on scout.com that dylan davis was moving to third. With his rocket arm and lack of range in the of, this makes some sense.

  5. For what its worth, this is from MLB.com. "Double-A Richmond's roster also has plenty of talent -- especially on the mound, with Jordan Johnson, Andrew Suarez, Sam Coonrod and Cory Taylor set to start for the Flying Squirrels." If their right than Taylor keeps starting like you wanted. Still a slot left and I hope it goes to Slania.