Sunday, April 16, 2017

Game Wrap 4/16/2017: Rockies 4 Giants 3

The Rockies and Giants traded 3-run rallies in the first inning. The Rockies took a 1 run lead in the top of the second inning……and that was the last run scored in the game!  Key Lines:

Brandon Belt 1B- 2 for 4, 2B.  BA= .216.  Belt hasn't been hitting much, but has been drawing enough walks to be valuable in the 2-hole in the lineup.  Maybe this is the start of more?

Brandon Crawford SS- 1 for 4, 3B.  BA= .298.  Crawford drove in a run with the triple down the RF line in the first inning then scored on a sac fly.  That was the last run the Giants scored in the game.

Jeff Samardzija RHP- 7 IP, 8 H, 4 R, 0 BB, 8 K's, GO/AO= 7/1.  ERA= 6.16.  Shark started the game by giving up homer, single, double, double.  He got a visit from Rags and settled down to retire then next 3 batters.  He got dinged for another run in the 2'nd.  From then on, he allowed just 2 more hits and no runs, but the Giants offense failed to score another run after a 3-run first inning and Shark was saddled with his 3'rd loss of the season.  If you looked at the BB's, K's and GB rate, you'd think this was a dominant start.  Let's just hope the turnaround bodes well for the future.


The Loss dropped the Giants farther into the cellar of the NL West at 5-9, 4 games behind the 9-5 Rockies.  The D'Backs got the Dodgers 3-1 behind Taijuan Walker and are 0.5 games behind the Rockies at 8-5.  The Dodgers are 1.5 games back at 7-6.  The Padres got pounded by the Braves 9-2 and are 3.5 games back in 4'th place.


The Giants have a travel day tomorrow and start a series against the Royals in KC on Tuesday, 4/17 in a rematch of the 2014 WS with Matt Cain facing Jason Hammel.


Jarrett Parker underwent surgery to stabilize his clavicle and will be out an estimated 8-10 weeks.  The Giants called up LHP Steven Okert to take his place on the active roster.


  1. The Giants need Posey.
    If that doesn't work, well, there must be someone somewhere, and the season is young, however disappointing.
    So far it's been too little, too late. Or not at all.
    There are hopeful signs: Buster is coming back, the IF is strong, the pitching has some hope (as well as some questions), but the OF is really a mess!
    IF, alas, if, the ship can be heading in the right direction with the Dodger series, we can quit praying!

    1. Pence is playing well. Other than that, I have to agree.

  2. Im not worried for the Giants yet they seem to be able to in most games score good amount of runs. Now the question is once the bullpen settle down how will they address left field? In AAA Hwang has played once in left possible i think. Upton i think once he ready gets called up right away.