Monday, June 8, 2015

Live Blogging The MLB Draft

So far going by script.  Kiley has the Gianta taking Hooper.

Covechatter's white whale to the Bosox.

Fullmer looks like a setup man to me.  HS pitchers still on the board.

You knew the Cubs were going to take a hitter.  Happ was the one college hitter in the draft I would have been OK with the Giants taking in round 1.

Giants were reportedly scouting Randolph.  Very Phillies pick.

Happ gone for the Reds.  Stephenson is a risky pick, IMO.

First big surprise to Marlins.  Naylor might be top HS power hitter in draft.

Big run on HS hitters!

Braves take injured HS pitcher.  THAT takes some cojones!

Another HS hitter!  I did not see this kind of run coming, but have to say I was not impressed with most college pitchers.

Kaprielian was the one college starter I really liked.  Yanks take him as expected.  HS pitchers still on board.

Cleveland takes a shot at Aiken!  Giants are on the board!

Here it is.......Noooooo!!!!!!  I guess the Giants have no problem with Timmy smoking.

Now that I have recovered, probably should have seen this one coming.  Another guy drafted by Toronto and not signed.  A lot like Beede in build and stuff.

Here go the HS pitchers, Ashe Russell and one of my faves, Beau Burrows back-to-back.

Dodgers won't take Hooper, right?

Plummer to Cards.  Multiple mocks had him going to Giants at #31.

Whew!  Not that impressed by Beuhler.

DJ Stewart to O's a college hitter some thought the Giants might like at #31.

Nikorak off the board to the Rockies.  Nice pick for them.

Don't think I would risk Hooper at #31.  Send like he's probably going to UCLA.

Do Giants take college pitcher who dropped like Funkhouser or a Donny Everett?  Chris Betts?

Nolan Watson still available.

Kyle Holder very underrated on draft boards.

Didn't see Chris Shaw coming either.  Possibly the top power hitter in the entire draft!

Giants up again.  Mikey White?  Bader?  Staumont?  Mathias?

Suarez is a polished college lefty with some size and velocity.  Solid pick.

Mikey White to A's.  Giants need pitching more than another MI with a hit tool.


  1. Nikorak, Plummer, Hooper, Russell, and more on the board, what's your feeling here Doc? I know you love Hooper!

  2. Bickford wasn't mentioned by you but the report I saw said he was a top 10 pick, stepped back on starting, went to the pen and then did really well. Noted that if he went back to starting and kept his velocity and curve ball, he'd be "back in the top half of the draft". Is this another type of Beede pick where they think they got a top 10 that everyone else went to sleep on?

    1. The comp to Beede is obvious.

    2. Beede seems like a good comp in terms of the team's mindset. Highly rated fellow drafted higher before with personality issues; they think they can draw the high-end work out of these guys. Seems to have worked pretty well with Beede so far, so let's keep our fingers crossed on Bickford.

      And yes, plainly a little pot didn't trouble them.

  3. Bickford's JUCO numbers are video game like. I love the pick.

  4. I had just started hoping Nikola would drop to the Giants.

  5. Bickford could clean up and look like Bronson Arroyo mated with Spiccoli.

  6. Im shocked Funkhouser dropped this far if hes there you have to grab him

  7. Cody Ponce is still there crossing fingers hes there for us in rd 2.

  8. I like the Shaw kid good potential there. Im hoping Bickford signs fast and starts playing as soon as possible.