Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scouting the 2015 Draft: Dillon Tate

Dillon Tate is another college closer, this time from UCSB.  He throws very hard, sitting 95-97 and touching 99 MPH.  He combines that with a filthy cutter/slider that grades as a 70 by some scouts.  He also has a changeup that he does not use much, if at all, as a reliever.  He goes 6'2", 185 lbs.  His stat line from his 2014 sophomore season:  2-1, 1.47, 43.1 IP, 17 BB, 46 K, 12 Saves.  BA has him ranked as the #32 2015 draft prospect while Kiley McDaniel has him a bit higher at #28.  He'd be a nice get at #31.


  1. I read an article that makes an interesting comment that Mlb teams should be careful giving a big bonus to a pure closer out of college. Do you agree with this? I can only think of Huston Street who currently fits this description. I know there have been others in the past.


    1. I would say that is generally true. A counter argument is if you think they can be converted to starter, they have relatively low mileage on their arms. I'll try to research it.

      Remember Russ Ortiz? I think he was a college closer who the Giants converted into a starter.