Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DrB's 2015 Giants Top 50 Prospects: Honorable Mention Part VI

Rayan Hernandez, RHP.  DOB:  9/24/1995.  6'4", 230 lbs.

2014 Rookie AZL:  0-3, 1.53, 29.1 IP, 2.76 BB/9, 7.67 K/9, 1.26 GO/AO.

Something seemed to click about halfway through the summer.  8 of his last 10 appearances went for at least 2 IP.  His ERA was 0.00 in 19 IP over that span.  Hernandez,  Dylan Brooks, Stetson Woods and Logan Webb made up what I came to call the Four Kids.  I would think next stop is Augusta.

Rodolfo Martinez, RHP.  DOB:  4/4/1994.  6'2", 180 lbs.
2014 Rookie AZL:  1-5, 8.78, 27.2 IP, 5.20 BB/9, 11.39 K/9, 2.08 GO/AO.

The ERA is ugly but with a high K rate, an extreme GB rate and a BABIP of .524, you have to think some small sample size bad luck was involved.  He is reputed to be a hard thrower.  I could not find a definitive scouting report, but I found one mention of 94-96 MPH.

Kendry Melo, RHP.  DOB:  1/7/1994.  6'3", 210 lbs.
2014 Rookie AZL:  1-2, 9.50, 18 IP, 10.50 BB/9, 9.50 K/9.

Giants got him after a contract with the Blue Jays was voided due to identity issues.  I found one reference to a FB that goes 91-94 MPH.  Wild pro debut.

Greg Brody, RHP.  DOB:  10/22/1991.  6'2", 185 lbs.
2014 Rookie AZL:  1-1, 0.63, 14.1 IP, 1.88 BB/9, 16.95 K/9, 2 Saves.

College closer.  Not sure why he did not get a look in Salem-Keizer.  Great numbers in Arizona, but a very low level to start his pro career out of college.

Mason McVay, LHP.  DOB:  8/5/1990.  6'7", 240 lbs.
2014 High A:  0-5, 4.38, 72 IP, 3.25 BB/9, 10.38 K/9.

Big lefty reliever who can face RH batters and go more than 1 IP.  Peripherals better than his W-L/ERA would indicate.  Sleeper in the system who could possibly be converted to starter.

Travious Relaford, IF.  DOB:  5/13/1992.  5'11", 160 lbs.
Short Season:  .283/.380/.372, 3 HR, 9 SB, 12.0 BB%, 12.6 K%, 309 PA.

Athletic, toolsy IF with MLB bloodlines who finally found some traction after years of kicking around the lower levels of the system.  Needs to back it up with a good campaign somewhere in 2015.

Hunter Cole, OF.  DOB:  10/3/2992, 6'1", 195 lbs.
2014 Short Season:  .239/.311/.424, 4 HR, 7.7 BB%, 19.2 K%, 104 PA.

Showed some power in pro debut.

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