Thursday, February 5, 2015

DrB's 2015 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #43 Stetson Woods

Stetson Woods, RHP.  DOB:  1/15/1995.  6'8", 200 lbs.

2014 Rookie AZL:  5-1, 2.25, 16 IP, 2.25 BB/9, 11.25 K/9.

The name conjures mental images of the Marlboro Man or a character in Gunsmoke.  The reality is Stetson Woods is a very tall RHP with an amazing amount of coordination and body control.  It's also a strong frame with oodles of room to fill out and add strength.  The Giants drafted him in Round 9 of the 2014 draft out of Liberty HS in Madera, CA and got him signed just before the deadline.  He got into 10 games for a total of 16 IP.  As you can see, he showed both good stuff as evidenced by the K rate, but also surprising command shown by the low BB rate.

Woods features a 2-seam FB that has reached 93 MPH but tends to work more in the 88-90 MPH range.  The PG scouting report specifically says he can get inside on LH batters with the FB.  One other factoid.  In the 2013 Trackman data reported by BA, Woods had the 8'th highest FB spin rate in the tournament, 2411 RPM  on an 88 MPH FB.  He also has a slurvy breaking ball to go with it.

His delivery is described by PG as "clean, easy" with "good mechanics to build from."  It's high 3/4's which, combined with his height, allows for a pretty extreme downward plane.

I like everything I've seen of this kid.  I like how he looks on video.  I like his scouting reports.  I like his stat line from his pro debut.  Despite working exclusively out of the bullpen in Arizona, he looks like a starter long term to me. My comp is Doug Fister, and that ain't at all bad!  The only downside I can see is his age which is a full 2 years older than 4'th round draft pick Logan Webb, but given his other assets, I'll take it.  Hope to see him pitching in Augusta in 2015.


  1. I'm going on record, Mr. Woods is my breakthrough pick. Like DocB I like everything I've seen of this kid. Thoughts:

    1. At 6'-8" and 200lbs, he's got plenty of projection to fill out and add some MPH to his FB.

    2. He's got control now. Much like MadBum, if he can maintain his control while growing into his frame, he can dominate. With his size and FB control he doesn't need to worry about adding but two more pitches to keep em guessing.

    3. With his high 3/4 delivery slot and downhill plane he's got some NASTY. Again like MadBum, don't give an inch and repeatedly bore in on the hitters hands. Hitters might not be getting comfortable ABs against this stud.

    4. Makeup. Who knows, but I say put him in Augusta and let's see what he can handle.

  2. Interesting..2400+ revolutions per min???

    I imagine the spin slows down as the ball approaches the plate, fastball, curveball or any other pitches.

    For the record, I like him and Logan Webb...arriving around 2020 (already?) or hopefully a couple of years sooner.

  3. I ranked him right around the same spot, but I'll admit I haven't done as much prospect researching this winter. I do remember being impressed with his delivery as well as the movement on his pitches in the videos I watched last summer. He and Brooks could be two fun arms to follow if they keep improving.

  4. Does the spin rate mean his fastball has good movement? And does that mean he is also capable of putting an exceptional spin rate on his breaking pitches? Good call on the Fister comp. When he was first drafted I had visions of another Tyler Glasnow, but his stuff may not be as electric (yet) and his command and arsenal are closer to that of Fister (so far), but man, if he could somehow develop into a hybrid of those two then we would really have a gem on our hands!

    1. According to BA, spin rate correlates with ball movement which in turn correlates with swinging strike rates.