Friday, February 6, 2015

DrB's 2015 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #44 Jonah Arenado

Jonah Arenado, 3B.  DOB:  2/3/1995.  B-R, T-R.  6'3", 195 lbs.

2013 Rookie AZL:  .211/.286/.263, 9.5 BB%, 19 K%, 42 PA.
2014 Rookie AZL:  .250/.340/.304, 10 2B, 10.2 BB%, 20.6 K%, 209 PA.

Jonah Arenado is the younger brother of Rockies 3B, Nolan Arenado, so just the name conjures up certain expectations.  Despite the familial connection, Jonah was largely unnoticed leading up to the 2013 draft out of El Toro HS in SoCal.  The Giants took him in round 16.  He only got into a few games in Arizona after the draft.  He got in a full short season last year putting up decent numbers.  I am not able to find much except a couple of HS videos and a a couple of still shots from Arizona.  He's got nice, even ideal, size, athletic movements.  He's apparently the baseball equivalent of a gym rat.  There was a story in BA from the 2013 instructional league that had the coaches hearing activity in the batting cage as they were getting ready to lock up the yard for the day.  It was Arenado taking extra BP.  They asked him why he was still there.  His reply was he'd rather hit than hang around the hotel.

The comp and ceiling is obvious.  He does need to get some traction on his career in 2015.  Augusta?


  1. Jonah went to my high school so I am definitely rooting for him to have some success.

    1. Hard work, ideal size and athleticism.

      Not another sport to distract. You didn't get into baseball later than other kids. Your brother has made it to boost your confidence that you too can.

      That makes odds in your favor, I believe, though nothing is guaranteed in life, of course.

  2. couple of interesting notes on and off the field

    nate signed a minor league deal with the rangers, with an invite to st....dont know what their of situation is, but good luck to him

    and giants extra will be getting a new beat writer (and maybe a new name) as alex is moving into baggs old gig as the giants insider for csn

    i totally missed when baggs parted ways with csn back in december

    i take it that the stories of baggs being on the outs with the giants, werent just stories

    here is baggs new blog