Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scouting the 2015 Draft: Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw is a huge B-L, T-R first base prospect from Boston College, although he is remarkably athletic for his massive size and has played a passable LF.  He is listed at 6'3" with weights that range from 228-248.  After looking at video, I would estimate closer to the latter number on the weight.  He is not thin, but looks more big and strong than fat.  He's got a nice swing and power galore.  Here are his 2014 Boston College stats:

.329/.380/.502, 6 HR, 21 SB, 38 K, 207 AB.  Now, before you go scoffing at the 6 HR, I'll remind you that the last 2-3 years in college baseball have been very pitcher friendly with the BBCOR bats and balls with raised seams.  They have lowered the seams in the balls this year so it will be interesting to see if Shaw's power numbers spike.

He raked the New England Collegiate Baseball League in 2013:  .335/.447/.503, 5 HR, 155 AB.

He showed more power in the Cape Cod League in 2014, but with a lower BA:  .275/.361/.479, 8 HR, 167 AB.  Shaw played on a strongly lefty leaning offensive team that faced a steady diet of LHP's on the Cape.  He showed definite improvement against LHP's as the summer progressed

BA has him ranked as the #37 draft prospect for 2015 while Kiley McDaniel of Fangraphs has him at #29.  The Giants historically have been interested in hitters that fit this profile in rounds 2-10, but not in round 1 or a supplemental first round.

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