Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hot Stove Update: 'Stros Add Lefty Bats

The Houston Astros, coming off a disappointing season, had a strong rightward tilt to the lineup as their main young guns, George Springer, Carlos Correa, Alex Bregman as well as Evan Gattis all hit RH.  They addressed that issue with 2 big moves today:  1.  They traded a couple of young fireballing RHP's to the Yankees for what is left of Brian McCann.  2.  They signed OF Josh Reddick to a FA contract worth 4 yrs/$52 M.

McCann lost his starting catcher job with the Yankees.  He has 2 years and $34 M left on his contract with a vesting option for 2019.  The Yankees will reportedly send a total of $11 M to the Astros to help pay McCann's salary.  McCann is still probably worth 20 HR/season, but he is clearly on the downside of his career and he is a below-average defensive catcher.

Reddick is a good all around player when he's healthy, but has exactly 1 season with more than 600 PA's.  His defense, once stellar, has slipped into negative territory, possibly due to an accumulation of injuries.  He also is basically a platoon player who struggles against LHP's.

The Astros needed some LH pop to balance their lineup and they needed "veteran presence" for a very young core.  McCann and Reddick give them that at a reasonable price, but with risks.

The Yankees come out smelling like a rose as they not only get to dump about 2/3's of McCann's remaining contract, they get a couple of pitching prospects who can hit the upper 90's and even triple digits on radar guns to deepen a rapidly strengthening Yankees farm system.

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  1. Reddick seems like an overpay to me. I wonder if this "sets the market" this season and starts an overpay for many players? That speculation on Hot Stove the other day with L.A. and the ChiSox has me a little worried.