Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hot Stove Update: Giants Sign Josh Johnson

You remember Josh Johnson.  He is the former Marlins ace who has not pitched since 2013 due to a seemingly endless string of injuries.  Giants fans have been begging them to sign Josh Johnson every year since 2013 and they are finally getting their wish, 3 Tommy John surgeries later.  That's right, 3 Tommy Johns!

The deal is minor league, I presume with a ST invite.  Don't get your hopes up, team.  I don't know if any pitcher has ever come back from a 3'rd TJ surgery, but it's a no risk signing in that it's a minor league deal and the upside is obvious.  Maybe he can win that 5'th starter job.  Maybe he can start the season in Sacramento and hope for an opening in the rotation.  Maybe he can only pitch in short spurts… a closer!  Stay tuned.

In other Hot Stove news…..

 RHP Greg Holland, coming back from his first TJ surgery, is planning a showcase for scouts in the near future.  He could be another low risk, bargain signing, but chances are if he looks good in the showcase, some team will offer him a MLB deal.  Do the Giants go with several low risk, high upside signings and hope to cash in a lottery ticket, or do they go for one of the high priced elite closers on the free agent or trade market?

RHP David Robertson of the White Sox, who could be available in trade underwent arthroscopic knee surgery to clean up a meniscus tear.  He should be ready for the start of the season.

RHP Fernando Rodney, currently with the Marlins, has a team option of $4.5 M which the Marlins do not intend to pick up.  They are willing to trade him to a team that is willing to pick up the option.  Failing to find a taker, the Marlins will buy out the option for $500 K and Rodney will be a FA.  He started the 2015 season as the Padres closer and was lights out, but then fell apart after a midseason trade to the Marlins.  Rodney is 40 yo.

RHP Pat Neshek is reportedly available for trade from the Houston Astros.  Neshek had a pretty good season, but is a sidearmer and the Astros limited his use to mostly facing RH batters.

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