Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Giants 2017 Depth Charts: Relievers

The universe of possible future relievers for the Giants is vast and includes several names we have already listed in the SP depth charts.   Instead of an exhaustive listing of all of the organizations relief pitchers, I will highlight a few who for whatever reason are on my radar as relievers to watch.  First, let's sort out who will be contending for an Opening Day assignment in the Giants bullpen.  We'll assume they are going outside the organization for the closer and we will assume none of their current FA's, Casilla, Lopez or Romo are going to be re-signed.

Locks:  Will Smith LHP, Derek Law RHP, Hunter Strickland RHP, George Kontos.

Likely:  Cory Gearrin RHP.

Contenders(for 1 spots):  Ty Blach LHP(if he's not the 5'th starter), Steven Okert LHP, Josh Osich LHP, Albert Suarez RHP.

Of course, if they sign/trade for more than 1 reliever, it could bump everybody down a notch or two.

Now, let's take a look at a few key relief pitcher prospects in the minors(not including potential converted starters such as Joan Gregorio, Chris Stratton, Sam Coonrod, Dan Slania and others.


Tyler Rogers RHP, 26 yo- 2-2, 3.27, 24, BB, 46 K, GO/AO= 4.69!(2 levels).  ERA ballooned to 6.10 in Sacramento, but his peripherals stayed about the same.  He is doing much better in the hitter friendly Arizona Fall League, 0-1, 2.08, 8.2 IP, 2 BB, 9 K, GO/AO= 2.00.  He's a submariner whose release point millimeters from the dirt has garnered some inneresting images from the AFL.


Rodolfo Martinez, RHP, 23 yo- 1-4, 3.35, 53.2 IP, 25 BB, 50 K, GO/AO= 1.18(2 levels).  The hard throwing Martinez dominated the Cal League in the first half, but got crushed after a promotion to AA. Continued to struggle in the AFL where his velocity was reported to be down raising injury concerns.

Chase Johnson, RHP, 25 yo- 1-4, 3.77, 52.1 IP, 18 BB, 37 K, GO/AO= 1.69.  Abruptly moved to the bullpen midseason and later the DL.  Not sure of his current health status.  He was closing games for the Flying Squirrels when he hit the DL.

Carlos Alvarado, RHP, 27 yo- 1-0, 1.72, 31.1 IP, 1 BB, 37 K's(3 levels).  I've always like Alvarado despite his advanced age for level at every step.  He's listed at 6'4", 175 lbs. and has always put up interesting numbers not the least of which is the 1 BB in 31.1 IP for 2016.


Reyes Maronta, RHP, 24 yo- 0-3, 2.59, 59 IP, 20 BB, 93 K.  Doesn't throw quite as hard as Rodolfo Martinez did in San Jose, but still sits in the mid-upper 90's.  Was Martinez' setup man in the first half then took over the Closer role in SJ when Rodolfo moved up.  Listed at 6'0", 175 lbs.  He's at least 50 lbs heavier than that.  Physically a strong resemblance to Jean Machi.


Cesar Yanez, RHP, 22 yo- 1-0, 2.22, 28.1 IP, 15 BB, 35 K(2 levels).  I don't really have any reason to believe Yanez has a huge upside except a gut feeling.  I like his listed size at 6'5", 175 lbs, and his numbers.


Patrick Ruotolo RHP, 22 yo- 2-2, 1.13, 24 IP, 14 BB, 42 K's(2 levels).  Most of those numbers were put up in Arizona which is too low a level for a college draftee.  On the other hand, his peripherals were the best of a weak crop of pitching draftees.


Jesus Reyes RHP, 20 yo- 4-1, 1.51, 35.2 IP, 17 BB, 46 K, GO/AO= 2.00.  Giants pitching representative to the DSL All Star Game.  Expect to see him in Arizona next summer. 6'4", 175 lbs.

Jasier Herrera RHP, 19 yo- 3-1, 3.27, 22 IP, 7 BB, 21 K, GO/AO=1.28.  Like his size at 6'5", 175 lbs. second season in the DSL.  Was this enough to get him to Arizona?


  1. Not sure where else to ask this, so I thought I would drop it here. I see that the Giants have signed Marrero, Josh Johnson, Calixte, and Dominguez. All guys with some upside and very little risk. What are thoughts on whether or not we will see any of them in SF next year? Will any be contributors?

    1. Maybe some might stick in AAA, but I believe this is more about filling out the spring training rosters.

    2. and Kraig Sitton?

    3. The Giants seem to find a good use for 1 or 2 of these types of signings almost every year. Vogey, Blanco, Gillaspie, Ramiro Pena, Albert Suarez…. the list goes on. I don't know which ones it will be this time, but there is a pretty good chance 1 or 2 of them will fill a need and do a nice job of it.

  2. Doc, I kind of have a different view. I think Okert is probably a lock, given how well he performed and the pressure situations he was in as of late. So I think your locks are Smith and Okert on the left, and Law and Strickland on the right. That is a little young, but with the right closer, we should be ok. Then I think Suarez v. Blach for long, although I tend to think somehow Cain ends up on the DL for the season and Blach is the 5th guy. Suarez was really good in the short to mid space. That leaves a closer, and then 1 - 2 more depending on how big the rotation is. To me, it seems like Gearrin v. Kontos for that guy (unless we go with an 8 man pen).

    I love Osich when the season started but he seemed to never get any traction. And with Okert being several years his junior and the better prospect, I see them giving him the nod. Would love to see a 7 man pen and with the four main starters being able to go deep, now would be the time.

    1. IDK. Only about 2 weeks before his callup, Okert had back-to-back disaster appearances for Sacramento and seemed like he was on the ropes as a prospect at all, so I'm not sure how much of a sure thing he is or how much of a leash he's earned.

    2. The other consideration is options and depth preservation.

  3. Any talk about Crick ditching the SP role and moving to the pen for a fast track in relief help for the big club? Also is Ray Black pretty much doomed with the injury bug and out of the conversation to potentially make a splash in Spring Training?

    1. Anything is possible, but right now I don't think Kyle Crick is on anybody's fast track. His control numbers were really no better as a reliever in 2015 than as a starter, maybe worse. Black, is a wild card who could be spectacular if he can ever stay healthy long enough but at this point staying healthy seems like a longshot for him. I think it's best to not count on either of these guys and be pleasantly surprised if they turn into something.