Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blogger's Note

I will be away from my computer from now until Friday, May 6.  I may be able to make a few posts during this time, but no guarantees.

Thanks for reading, everybody!



  1. What??? When I was waiting for my son to be born last weekend, I sat and refreshed your blog and over and over overnight until you posted. What will I do at 2 am? Just kidding, enjoy your time away.

    1. Congrats on the new Baby Boy, Bryce. Blessings & Good Health!

      We'll all just have to figure out another way to function for the next week. Thank God for the NBA Playoffs (oh, and an otherwise insanely busy life, I suppose ;)

      Have a great time away Doc B.

  2. Darn follow you daily...was looking forward to your note about my son Logan in Augusta last night. Good start and 1st win against Kannapolis

  3. From the Canary Islands: sure miss your daily analysis -- there is NO substitute!

  4. Enjoy the time away....NTSH! You'll be back in time for the Big 3 to start anyway...