Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Game Wrap 4/13/2016: Rockies 10 Giants 6

The Giants showed just how terrific Jeff Samardzija's pitching was in the series opener as the Rockies offense went into high gear and helped the Giants set a very dubious team record for XBH's allowed in 1 game, 12 in all.   The onslaught overwhelmed a decent showing by the Giants offense.  Coors Field.  Key Lines:

Denard Span- 1 for 3, 2B, BB.  BA= .222.  Maybe this will be the start of a hot streak for Span who has struggled a bit in the early going.

Brandon Belt- 2 for 4, HR(2),  BA= .313.  Belt continues to be hot with his second dinger of the season narrowing the Rockies lead to 7-6 after 8 innings.

Angel Pagan- 1 for 2, 2 BB.  BA= .387.  Pagan stays hot and scores a run.

Trevor Brown- 2 for 4, 2B.  BA= .417.  Speaking of staying hot……Brownie is giving Buster Posey the luxury of longer to heal the bruised foot before he goes back out and starts irritating it in the squat.

Jake Peavy- 4 IP, 11 H, 6 R, 1 BB, 5 K's.  ERA= 10.00.  Peavy mades some good pitches, but every, and I mean every, time he made a location mistake, the Rockies jumped all over it.  At one point, Dave Righetti went out to see if he could help.  Peavy was clearly frustrated, gesturing, spreading his arms out like he was saying "what can I do?"  We'll chalk it up to Coors Field for now, but yeah, we'd like to see Peavy settled down and pitch some better games here.


The Loss drops the Giants record to 6-3.  They lead the Dodgers in the NL West by 1.5 games pending the outcome of the Dodgers-D'Backs game.  If the Dodgers lose, the Rockies move up to 2'nd place at 4-4.   Meanwhile, the Padres lost again to the Phillies 2-1 and are at 3-5.


Matt Cain pitches the rubber game of the series tomorrow afternoon facing Jorge De La Rosa.  Cainer might want to bring his best stuff with him, because you do not want to face this Rockies lineup in Coors Field without it.


As mentioned, Buster Posey got another day off due to his sore foot.  He may not play in the series finale either.  The foot reportedly is making normal progress though, so they aren't too worried about a hiding fracture.

Sergio Romo has a sore elbow again.  He flew back to SF for tests.


  1. I think the FBI needs to investigate Brown. He clearly stole someone's bat and has transported it across state lines. I mean, holy moly, he only hit .244 in the minors.

    In other news:

    Romo was sent home with elbow issues after the game last night.

    Sandoval was sent to the Red Sox 15-day DL list with a 'shoulder strain.' Fans & press in Boston are speculating it's because he's fat not hurt and the Red Sox want to get him in better shape and get the fans off his back in an 'out-of-sight, out-of-mind' kind of way... Hopefully he'll learn something from this and clean up his act. I still believe in his talent, but his approach to how he plays the game is sabotaging would could have been a great career. And, as someone who foresaw this likely 'big contract' outcome, better in Boston than here...

    1. Mo'Z,

      I think it's all in how you define a "great career". The Panda's made North of $100M, that's a pretty good career in most books.

  2. Oh, one last thing:

    Peavy's ERA: 10.00
    Peavy's BABIP: .541

    K/9 -- 8.0
    BB/9 -- 1.0
    Peavy's FIP: 3.17

    It's always strange to see such massive differences. And tends to lead me to believe that he's mostly pitching well, but is making mistakes and having some really bad-luck when he does.

    1. Peavy's first start against the Dodgers was definitely BABIPy, but whoa, last night? Maybe the law of averages says a couple of those shots should have been right at somebody and maybe they might not have travelled so far in another ballpark, but there were just too many pitches that did not go where Trevor Brown was holding his mitt and they all got roasted.

      I think this is where DIPS can be somewhat misleading. There is definitely a difference between hard contact, normal contact and soft contact that DIPS does not completely account for.

    2. Moses, I'm not seeing the same thing you are. Peavy got lit up at, apparently, a record-breaking pace, Yes, there are peripherals, which make strong arguments with enough data. But in this case, Peavy ain't walking anyone, because he's missing into fat areas of the strike zone. He's missing into happy zones, and he doesn't have the stuff anymore to get those mistakes by hitters.

    3. Reasons.

      Shen I say something like 'mostly pitching well' that doesn't mean it was good or it was pure bad luck. In baseball, like for most sports, it's the very small differentials that can make drastically huge differences in results. 'Mostly pitching well' is, generally speaking, going to leave you vulnerable. Which is why he gave up 6 runs, yet had 5 strike outs.

      You may end up getting 'lucky' and those balls you leave up will be popped-up, fouled-off, flat-out missed or be hit to a fielder. And because of that, I've seen games where a pitcher is pitching like Peavy but escaped because of good fortune to where the ball was hit. In fact, Lincecum, in the first couple of months of last year, had a lot of that.

      And sometimes it goes the other way. Where every mistake is capitalized on to a great degree. Last night was that. But on another night, maybe not. Maybe a few more balls find gloves and it's suddenly a 'lucky escape' with three runs instead of a beat down.

      Anyway I didn't mean to imply that it was 'merely bad luck.' It was bad luck helped create.

  3. Today, there are the 2 leadoffs at the top of the lineup and Posey likely to have someone on base in the first!
    Still the pitcher is 8, has Boch bought into that?
    Locate the pitch, Matt! We saw last night what happens when you give Rockies a 90 mph pitch over the plate at the belt

  4. DocB and fans, you know, I can barely watch the Giants play baseball games at Coors.

    Dingers are fun, but not at Coors. It's a freaking video game, not baseball.

    Dingers are fun #2, but not Dinger jumping up and down behind home plate. Barney I don't need to see, ever, at a baseball game.

    The Giants need to line up only their hard throwing arms for Coors. Peavy never stood a real chance.