Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Down on the Farm: San Jose Giants 2016 Roster

Here are your 2016 San Jose Giants:

Catcher:  Jared Deacon, Aramis Garcia, Ty Ross.

Infielders:  Jonah Arenado, Brandon Bednar, CJ Hinojosa, Richard Rodriguez, Chris Shaw, Jose Vizcaino Jr.

Outfielders:  Junior Arias, Steven Duggar, Johneshwy Fargas, Ronnie Jebavy, Cristian Paulino.

Pitchers:  Martin Agosta, Sam Coonrod, Carlos Diaz, Jason Forjet, Jordan Johnson, Dusten Knight, Rodolfo Martinez, Reyes Maronta, Jose Reyes, Mark Reyes, DJ Snelton, Jeff Soptic, Andrew Suarez, Pat Young.

Garcia is the obvious main man at catcher.

Hinojosa and RichRod should cover the MI.  Shaw and Arenado will probably split up 1B and DH with Arenado getting some reps at 3B and Viz Jr sliding over to SS on occasion.

Duggar, Fargas and Jebavy seem like the OF starters with the only question being who gets CF?

I would say Coonrod, Johnson, Suarez and Agosta are locks to start leaving a large field comprised of Forjet, both Reyes', Snelton and Pat Young to scramble for the remaining starts.  Martinez and Maronta are the main guys to watch in the pen.


  1. I think Jebavy gets the CF job. Having 3 plus defenders is a nice luxury. Now will any of them hit?

  2. In anticipation of the upcoming Augusta blurb (and some of the questions about defensive positioning coming up here), I'll not apologize for redirecting my questions a bit here:

    I figured Jalen Miller would be a strong candidate to be transitioned to CF early on, seeing as Fox is going to be climbing the ladder at right about the same level throughout their respective Minors developments. I'm sure they'll let the season and defensive chops play themselves out a bit, but what what's the likely positional future for these Giants, considering all the of condensed talent in Augusta right now?

    Additionally, I'll bring up a young Mr. Manuel Geraldo - whom Roger shone a light on yesterday from his article over at MCC. It's a great bit about the dense nugget of talent that's going to be taking the field together this year over in Augusta, GA.

    Here's what Roger quoted in his article on McC, from BA's Ben Badler about Manuel Geraldo:
    "At 6-foot-1, 175 pounds, the 17-year-old Geraldo is a 60 runner and has plus arm strength. With good actions, range and footwork, he has a chance to be a quality defender at shortstop."

    I have loved recently reading and recognizing Sabean's penchant for drafting a ton of shortstops and then just playing them all over the field. However, it certainly would seem that if you may be transitioning them to a VERY different position - such as CF - you need to groom them there from early on - as plus defenders in CF can only get to that status by getting TONS of reps and learning the art of reading a ball off of contact. Athleticism alone will not do the trick.


    1. I'll give my thoughts tomorrow and you can rewrite this all over again for the Comments. How's that?

    2. Ha. It's a deal good sir.

  3. I like Heath Slatton, RP. I guess he'll be at Augusta.