Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hot Stove Update: Mets Sign Yoenis Cespedes

While it was not surprising that Yoenis Cespedes ended up signing a FA contract with the Mets, the team he finished last season with and helped lead to the World Series, the terms of the contract were somewhat of a surprise.  3 yrs/$75 M is about $60 M less in total value than Justin Upton, a very similar player got from the Detroit Tigers.  Cespedes is coming off a much better season than Upton in terms of fWAR to boot.  The contract comes with a 1 year opt out and is slightly front-loaded with $27.5 M coming in year 1, so once again, we see a team appearing to hope for a player opt out.  As for Cespedes, he gets a higher AAV than Upton but less total guaranteed money, so Cespedes is betting on himself to earn more money in future seasons, something I wonder why more players don't do.

The signing brings the gang back together for the Mets to make another run.  With their crazy good young starting pitching staff, I would not bet against them, except of course, it is an even year, so we know who is going to stop them.


  1. "...except of course, it is an even year, so we know who is going to stop them."

    Truer words may not have been spoken. looking forward to ST 2016 and the Quest for Four (Rings)!

    Let's Go Giants!


  2. Contract makes a lot of sense for cespedes. If he had signed a five year deal, he'd have a hard time getting decent offers on the other side. This way, if he plays out the three year deal, he could still hit the market in his prime.