Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fantasy Focus: 2016 Impact Rookies- Michael Fulmer

Michael Fulmer, RHP.  3/18/1993.  6'3", 200 lbs.  Organization:  Tigers.

A+:  0-0, 3.86, 7 IP, 11.57 K/9, 0.00 BB/9.
AA(Mets):  6-2, 1.88, 86 IP, 8.69 K/9, 2.41 BB/9, GO/AO= 1.38.
AA(Tigers):  4-1, 2.84, 31.2 IP, 9.38 K/9, 1.99 BB/9, GO/AO= 1.38.

Michael Fulmer, not to be confused with White Sox 2015 First Round Draft Pick Carson Fulmer, was the higher ranked of the 2 pitching prospects the Tigers got back in the Yoenis Cespedes trade.  Fulmer had been working his way up the Mets organizational ladder when he had a breakout season 2015 featuring a dramatic improvement in his walk rates.

Fulmer looks bigger than his listed weight, I would estimate more like 215-220 lbs.  He has a mid-90's FB with excellent command and modest groundball tendency to go with it.  He has two good secondary pitches.  The Tigers rotation, even after adding Jordan Zimmermann is looking a bit long in the tooth.  If Fulmer attacks AAA like he did AA, look for him to appear in a Tigers uniform sometime around mid-season.  When and if he does, he should be a consideration in all fantasy formats, and definitely in deeper leagues, particularly H2H formats with daily roster re-sets.


  1. Thanks for these FF enties, DrB. my question is, does working on the impact rookies give you a better sense of the strength of the Giants minor league system relative to other organizations?

    1. Probably not. For fantasy baseball purposes, I am mainly looking at prospects who are likely to make in impact in the upcoming year. To fully evaluate the relative strengths of a farm system, you have to not only look at prospects who are close to being MLB ready now, but also younger prospects who may make impacts 2,3 or even 5 years down the road.

    2. BTW, glad SOMEBODY is reading these!

    3. Also, I don't think I would have advised any fantasy baseball managers to invest in Matt Duffy last year, yet he turned out to be in impact rookie. It's a very inexact endeavor.