Saturday, January 30, 2016

DrB's 2016 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #38 Rando Moreno

Rando Moreno, SS.  B-S?, T-R.  DOB:  6/6/1992.  5'11", 164 lbs.

AA:  .275/.324/.340, 1 HR, 12 SB, 6.4 BB%, 12.8 K%, 484 PA.

The reason for the question mark after the S is Fangraphs lists him as B-R.  Rando Moreno is flying so far under the radar that I can't even find a definitive answer as whether he is a switch-hitter or not.  He's always been listed as such by, but sometimes guys give up switch-hitting.  Any word from readers on this?  Anyway, Moreno is someone who gets absolutely no ink anywhere, yet he is coming off hitting .275 in the Eastern League while playing shortstop which is no small feat.  Of course he hit .197 for Augusta and .218 for San Jose in 2014, so who knows what or who the real Rando Moreno is?  Last year's success did get him a non-roster spring training invite, and we'll see where he gets assigned for 2016.  If he can avoid another faceplant he could start hitting some radar screens.  And how can you not root hard for a guy named Rando?  Ceiling is probably utility IF.  ETA is whenever and wherever there is a need after this season.


  1. Moreno's splits for 2015:
    RHH: 256/301/318 (133 PAs)
    LHH: 284/322/351 (351 PAs)

    Still a switch hitter. Interesting sleeper, totally under the radar. Does he go to Sacramento or repeat the Eastern? The Giants have made some guys repeat, sleepers such as Kelby Tomlinson...

  2. Here's a link of Moreno hitting from the left side: