Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DrB's 2016 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #21 Johneshwy Fargas

Johneshwy Fargas, OF.  B-R, T-R.  DOB:  12/15/1994.  6'1", 163 lbs.

2013 Rookie:  .299/.393/.351, 8 SB, 10.0 BB%, 12.2 K%.
2014 Short Season:  .240/.373/.329, 3 HR, 15 SB, 11.5 BB%, 13.0 K%.
2015 Low A:  .278/.347/.349, 2 HR, 59 SB, 19 CS, 6.1 BB%, 14.2 K%.

Fargas was the Giants 11'th round draft pick in 2013.  He got off to an excellent start to his pro career showing speed, an ability to get on base and low strikeouts.  He showed more of the same in Salem-Keizer in 2014.  The SAL and Augusta are generally a stiff test for young hitters, but Fargas got off to a blazing start there and ended up with strong numbers, although his production tailed off as the season progressed, probably from the fatigue of full season ball.  His season ended early on August 20 when he took a pitch to the face.  He bounced back with a strong start in the winter ball, although he again tailed off later in the Puerto Rican Winter League season.

Fargas is a thin dude with wiry strength.  From videos I've seen, I would compare is body type to Matt Duffy!  In fact, there is a video of one AB for Augusta where he strokes a ball down to the opposite field down the RF line that could have been one of several Matt Duffy! AB's last year.  Some analysts question whether Fargas' frame will ever fill out.  First of all, to my eye, I think it can and will.  Secondly, Matt Duffy's frame never filled out and look at him!  You don't have to be bull strong to generate power in baseball.  If you want something else to be concerned about, those 19 CS look an awful lot like they came out of a Gary Brown line.

Johneshwy Fargas appears to be in position to start the 2016 season as the starting CF in San Jose although Ronnie Jebavy may have something to say about that.  Maybe Mikey Edie stays in extended spring training then Salem-Keizer while Jebavy goes to Augusta?  Fargas has a ceiling of being a starting CF in MLB with approximately 10 HR and 20-30 SB.  He will need to get a bit stronger and refine his SB skills.  ETA is probably 2019.


  1. Fargas on Doc's Top 50

    2014: 47
    2015: 22
    2016: 21

  2. I've read a little about him in the Augusta paper. I was actually reading up on Coonrod when he shot up the MLB prospect rankings mid-season. But Fargas was mentioned in the article. Has great speed, tracks the ball well and has a cannon of an arm and has had his throws clocked at 97 mph from the outfield. I also read somewhere else that he's incredibly skinny to the point he's giving up weight to Matt Duffy.

    I think he won some sort of award or accolade, too. Maybe some mid-season All-Star award or some such. I just don't quite remember. I'm sure others who follow prospects more closely could tell you.