Wednesday, January 6, 2016

DrB's 2016 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #14 Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson, RHP.  DOB:  9/15/1993.  6'3", 175 lbs.

Rookie:  0-1, 1.54, 23.1 IP, 12.34 K/9, 0.39 BB/9, GO/AO= 2.89.
Short Season:  0-1, 3.86, 4.2 IP, 11.57 K/9, 0.00 BB/9, GO/AO= 1.00.
A+:  2-3, 4.31, 31.1 IP, 9.48 K/9, 2.87 BB/9, GO/AO= 1.27.

Jordan Johnson is an unheralded 2014 23'rd round draftee out Cal State Northridge where he had battled injuries.  He made just one pro appearance in 2014 and got a late start on 2015, but once he got going, he definitely made up for lost time!  He dominated the AZL, made a one appearance stop in Salem-Keizer then jumped all the way to high A San Jose and more than held his own.  In addition to his regular season line listed above, he appeared in 3 postseason contests recording 23 K's against 6 BB's in 16.2 IP.  His best game with SJ came in the Championship series against Rancho Cucamonga as he pitched 6 scoreless frames with 9 K's and just 1 BB.

I saw him pitch in San Bernardino on 8/24, so I went back and looked up my notes from that game.  It was not one of his better statistical games, but he scouted very well.  I said he looked to be heavier and stronger than his listed 175 lbs.  He showed loose, whippy arm action which produced a FB that sat 93-94 MPH and ranged from 91-95.  He had a hard and soft breaking ball, probably a slider and a curve with nice action on both pitches.  I saw just one pitch that I thought might be a changeup, but it was a good one.

He'll probably start the 2016 season back in SJ.  His biggest challenge will be staying healthy and ramping up his innings.  His ceiling is #3-4 MLB SP, but would also make a nice long man out of the bullpen.  ETA is probably late 2018 at the earliest but more likely 2019.


  1. Isn't this the guy that, apparently, was shunted aside by his coaches?

    MLBPipeline likes him and put up a new video on him last month calling him a 'Top Prospect' in the farm system. Thier video on him says his FB generally sits at 93-to-95 and can hit 98. They're also very impressed with his command and control, his mechanics and they say his curveball and changeup are effective and they project him as a middle-of-rotation guy.

    1. That sounds more like Chase Johnson. Gotta know your Johnsons. Can never have too many, though.

    2. No, really, it was Jordon.

      Though you did make me look! :)

    3. Oh, and speaking of their videos. They had one the highlights of the AZL championship game. WIlliamson was in LF. Arroyo at SS. The last out was a pop-up in foul territory. Arroyo had the furthest to run to get to it and still made the play over Williamson and the 3B player.

      The kid has wheels. He may not be 'quick twitch' enough, if the knocks on him are true, to play SS. But the guy can fly.

    4. No relation to Raymond J Johnson? Ray Jay, Not RJ! :)

      Richard in Winnipeg

    5. You got to know your Johnson. You can cal me ray or you can call me.....

      Anyhow, Moses you got the Jordan MLB pipeline scouting report right. But the college coaching issues you are referring to belong to Chase Johnson.

      Never confuse your Johnson with someone else's Johnson. It's a life rule to live by.

    6. Yup. Jordan Johnson's issues in college were with injuries. Chase Johnson was inexplicably relieved of his closing duties and rarely used as a Junior at Cal Poly SLO despite solid performance.