Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DrB's 2016 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #35 Jake Smith

Jake Smith, RHP.  DOB:  6/2/1990.  6'4", 195 lbs.

A+:  4-4, 2.35, 84.2 IP, 12.59 K/9, 2.24 BB/9, GO/AO= 0.67, 16 Saves.

The Giants drafted Jake Smith in Round 48 of the 2011 draft.  He wasn't quite as wild as Ian Gardeck, but ran BB/9's in the 4.5 range until last season in San Jose where he was part of a workhorse SJ Giants bullpen and worked as the closer in the second half of the season.

According to Joe Ritzo, Voice of the SJ Giants, in his blog, Smith works with a mid-90's FB with a "devastating" slider and an improving changeup.  He also added a cutter last year which seemed to be the final piece of the puzzle for him to get to the next level of pitching.

He should move up to AA Richmond for 2016.  His ceiling is MLB Closer, but with that repertoire, I could see him stretching out and starting or maybe pitching in a swingman role too.  ETA is 2017, but as with other relievers, he could move faster and anything is possible, even a MLB callup in 2016!


  1. In the Gardeck post I think I linked a blog post by Ritzo. He raved about the bullpen. Smith. Gardeck. Couple of other guys. Seems that the SJ Giants really had an incredible bullpen corps last year. Smith was one of those guys.

  2. Strikeouts and low H/9? Like it, like it a lot! He's stood out from a stat side for a while now, while being old for his level. I don't think age/level matters too much with this type of look, head to the pen and bring the noise.